Inaugural Website Conference Call (26-01-2011)

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These are the minutes of the website team conference calls. Please do not edit without permission from those involved with the call. 

Inaugural Website Conference Call (26-01-2011)

Date: 26 January 2011

Minutes taken by: M Wheatland
Attendance: M Wheatland, M Houben ...Add your name if you were in attendance.

The website conference call, although plagued by many technical issues
including call quality and a complete dropout of the Talkyou service
there was many topics discussed positively and some some general
outcomes reached.

  1. The website needs more work/rework of content Pages and some structure should be reworked to optimise this for the target audience
    1. Features section
    2. Individual software packages ie writer, calc etc.
  2. In order to affect more contribution we need to better structure the collaboration
    1. Wiki restructure is required
    2. Establishment of 'working groups' using Silverstripe user roles
    3. The website content is great, but the heavy lifting has been done by a few
  3. The review of the site structure
    1. A full review should wait for the design team to become fully active
    2. We have people experienced in website design, let's make use of that .now.
    3. Revisit of the Information Architecture and structure using 'best web design practice' should occur
  4. Website content must be optimised for the 'scanning' user.
    1. As a product site, visually scanning the site is the highest use case. We must attend to this in reworking the content.
    2. Written content and other media such as images, screenshots, video must complement each other.

During the call not all topics were discussed as per the agenda as there were key people missing from the conversation due to the Talkyoo Skype outage.
It was noted that these topics will be discussed in depth on the mailing list and another conference call organised at a later date when the team feels it is appropriate.