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    Website Team

    The LibreOffice Website Team aims to maintain and enhance our website, wiki, planet and other web infrastructure. At the moment, it primarily works on the LibreOffice international website (, and supports the creation of local websites for our worldwide community.

    The next steps for both the website team, and the website infrastructure are currently being planned. If you are interested, then please join the website team.

    Contribution and Support

    How to provide feedback concerning the website?
    Please add any feedback to the Feedback wiki page. Or, you can contact the website team on the website mailing list.
    How to join the website team?
    There is no formal process, but subscribing to the website mailing list. Once there, please introduce yourself and tell us what you are interested in. You may also have a look on our LibreOffice website infrastructure page to get an idea about what skills might be helpful.
    How do I share an idea?
    For ideas that can be described quickly, please send it to our mailing list. Don't send any files (attachments) to the mailing list, since they will get automatically removed. Instead, please upload the files to another website (e.g. photo website), or to this wiki. If you want to describe your thoughts thoroughly, it will make sense to explain your aim in the wiki—e.g. on your personal wiki page. Then, please tell us via an email to the website mailing list.
    How do I make a screenshot for the website?
    Remember some points:
    • Take them under Ubuntu Linux, using the default theme, with no visual effects. Don't do any screenshots with a Windows program because of some uncertainties in the licenses coming from Microsoft.
    • Take the 'window only' with the window frame - not the whole desktop.
    • 1000-px wide by 750-px tall—you can use Screen Ruler to accurately size the window. Much better will be a high-quality PNG (or JPG) file, with a size of 1600x or 1900x. Print magazines often ask for usable screenshot, and the better the quality, the better it is for printing. Note that you don't need to create scaled down versions of the screenshots as our CMS will take care of that.
    • Anything up to a dozen good shots from each app is what I'm hoping to accumulate… In each app, demo the key features: in Writer, tables, indexes, etc… I'm sure you see what I mean…
    • The file you use for taking the screenshot should ideally be called "sample.odt" (or whatever extension)

    Communication channels

    The primary communication channel for the website team is the mailing list, since it is accessible for most people in all the time zones. You'll always find a helping hand there :-)

    Communication channel Alternatives Help
    Public mailing list: Please subscribe to mailing lists before sending messages.
    Phone Conference Calls
    Twitter: #LOWeb
    The Document Foundation Planet What is a Planet?Wikipedia logo v3.svg
    Limited Access mailing lists

    Roles and responsibilities

    To maintain a high level of quality, the website team makes use on the infrastructure's capabilities to assign different roles: "Authors" who provide content, and "Publishers" who will confirm content to make it public available. Nevertheless, our goal is to have an open and collaborative approach - everybody who is both interested and experienced is asked to contribute and to join our effort.

    If you need help, then please ask on the website list, refer to the list of tasks and volunteers, or contact:

    • Infrastructure: Christian Lohmaier
    • Textual Content: Italo Vignoli
    • Design: Design Team
    • User Experience: Design Team

    Documents and resources