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Conference Call Instructions

  • Although being public, these calls are not to be considered as official press statements for journalists. Journalists are invited to join, but for media Q&A, there will be separate sessions where official statements by TDF representatives are made.
  • Every call will be recorded and made available as uncut audio file to the public afterwards. If you join, you agree that you will be recorded.
  • We do not charge a fee for joining the calls. However, normal phone costs apply. Please check your provider for more details.
  • All calls will be limited to 60 minutes.

How to prepare yourself

  • Most topics we will discuss have been raised on our main marketing mailing list already. Please have a look at the archives or subscribe yourself to the list, to stay up to date on recent activities.
  • At the beginning of the call, introduce yourself briefly, i.e. in 3-5 sentences.
  • Everytime you speak, mention your name again, so people know who you are.
  • When you are not speaking, remember to mute your phone's microphone, to avoid noise and echoes.
  • Join our #documentfoundation IRC:// so in case we post links or texts, you are in the loop.
  • Add your favorite agenda items below.

How to participate

The current list of dial-in numbers is available at Please note that the Skype gateway is not always reliable.

The conference room number is 53 71 38. The PIN will be 824.
To switch to English voice prompts, press the star key (*) at the beginning.
When you are not speaking, please mute your microphone. You can do so either on your phone, or by pressing *1 during the call. To unmute it, press *1 again.

Conference Manager

If you are a Conference Manager, enter the room number, directly followed by the conference manager PIN, and then press #. No need to further authenticate after joining the room.
You can mute everyone except yourself and authenticated speakers by pressing *7 during the call. To unmute everyone, press *7 again.
There can be more than one conference manager in the room.

Inaugural Conference Call   (Wednesday 26 January 2011 1800 - 2000 GMT)

The inaugural website team conference call is being organised. Date TBA

See the scheduling vote

1. Welcome to country and introductions

  1.1 Official resolution: What do we mean by "website": What is its scope? 
  1.2 Establishment of goals of the website team
  1.2 Vision statement: How the composite website will serves the stakeholders 
  1.3 Summary of developments to date - Wiki, Silverstripe, Drupal, Alfresco, Social Networks
  1.4 Strategy statement: How the scope is to be shared between different tools/servers.
  1.5 Working at the interface between other teams.

2. Website Team leadership and working groups

   Discussion about website team roles and responsibilities, nominations. 
   Establishment of a working team for website UI/Design to address theming requirements

3. Interaction with the Steering Committee

      There has been confusion and misinformation regarding the Steering Committee decisions.

      We will have a discussion independent to the SC about the way we wish to coordinate our team communications

3. Silverstripe Development

     David will give an update on the progress of content creation.

     Responsibilities and Roles. Infrastructure for coordination

4. Drupal Development

     Michael will give an update on the progress.

     Discussion will follow regarding the way forward for the team working on the Drupal development, as well as discussing how this project will continue.

  4.1 Road ahead for Silverstripe and Drupal
  4.2 SWOT analysis for the scope of work (ref 1.2, 1.3, 4.1) 

5. Wiki

     Discussion about a wiki dedicated to the LibreOffice product rather than TDF.

     Who has admin rights. We need people to coordinate the further development of the wiki infrastructure including the LibO wiki.

6. Social Networking

     Responsibilities of the website team in managing social networking accounts and interactions.

     How do we engage people through social networks in order to encourage LibreOffice use and contributions.

7. Forum

    Discussion about setting up a forum (Insert arguement here) - Forking communication methods, solutions for this.

    If this did go ahead what infrastructure should we be using?

8. How can content from Siverstripe be converted/exported to Drupal and viceversa, what restrictions have to be made to get an automatic process to do so. If this would be possible, both ways (Silverstripe and Drupal) could be implemented. Where for the beginning the content would be entered in silverstripe (as we are in a hurry/need for content on the website) and when Drupal is ready the content could be transferred. If it shows, that Drupal has more benefit for the user/developer/QA/ etc.

9. Support Infrastructure

   Review of OOo and SUMO (Mozilla Support) infrastructure. What works well, what does the SC recommend?

   FAQs, LibreOffice Wiki, Handling Documentation, Handling Training resources (videos, books, wiki tutorials)

   Unifying the support infrastructure - Looking at the possibilities of cross posting all support requests/answers to all media using short messages.

10. Idea Generation and management

   Narayan is very interested in developing the scope of work for the idea generation system

   Definition or scope, defining key stakeholders and establishing a team to focus on development coordination.

11. Contributing statistics to membership committee. - Submission statistical outputs from website team projects to submit to the membership committee for membership consideration.

   Developing systems for member contribution/reputation search or tracking tools.

Last. Thanks and scheduling next meeting