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The QA IRC Channel is located on Libera Chat.

To Connect

Navigate to the #libreoffice-qa IRC:// channel.

More Help

Never used IRC before?

Read this for help, and see WikipediaWikipedia logo v3.svg.

Also see


Topic messages

  • Basic one: Welcome to LibreOffice QA! Get started with Bug Triage: User questions #libreoffice, development #libreoffice-dev, documentation #libreoffice-doc || Use Help|Send Feedback to file new reports
  • BugHunting Session: Welcome to LibreOffice QA! Join theBugHunting Session for v4.4.0 RC1 here: ! User questions #libreoffice, development #libreoffice-dev

Set the topic with

 /msg ChanServ TOPIC #libreoffice-qa topic