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    A rough plain text feature list of the LibreOffice-Box:

    - display window:

    starting the former PrOOo-Box we had long and heavy discussions what should be the purpose of the CD's content. Result was a hybrid of easy installation medium and a display window allowing people to have a look at community's work - even if offline - much more an option in those days than nowadays.

    - easy installing:

    Particularly installing windows apps from a html UI using the system browser is a pain. Thus we decided the kmeleon browser to be delivered with the medium. It starts via autorun and provides a one click installation for LibO as well as for all other windows applications on the medium. This can be choosen either by clicking the item in the html UI or by selecting from a menu containing all available win apps on the medium.

    The medium as well acts as installation source for deb based linux systems. It contains a repo with meta packages for easy (de-)installation choosing *one* package instead of fiddling with several packages particularly while deinstalling.

    - office equipment:

    To equip a complete office machine we also provide recent browsersoftware, and some other tools for desktop publishing and the like - all open source to show the power of free software world.

    - development:

    The source code and related tools are delivered to have a snapshot of the state of development at the time of release. This allows interested computer people to examine the code and as well a company to have full control over the software used in it's environment.