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Important: Please read our Mark Policy for a more complete overview of these topics! If you have any question or doubt about the use of logos and trademarks please send an email to (non-public).

Simple Rules for the Logo Usage

There are basically two logos. One is a logo bearing the name "LibreOffice" with the subline "The Document Foundation"; using a Logo with 'The Document Foundation' sub-line without being officially recognised as part of TDF idicates a degree of association that is closer than actually exists, and is therefore in breach of our mark guidelines. Please use the non-TDF mark in its place in its place. The other logo only bears the name "LibreOffice" without the subline "The Document Foundation"; you should use this one in the majority of cases. Links to download logos and their sources are provided below.

Logo with the subline "The Document Foundation" Logo without the subline
Rules and Use

The product itself contains the logo with TDF subline. TDF provides these binaries via their mirror system. Distributors of the substantially unmodified binaries are allowed to distribute the product, so they distribute it with the TDF subline inside the product. If you're unsure of what is meant by "substantially unmodified binaries" please refer to the clause 1 of the Permitted Use section in the TDF Trademark Policy. Basically that's the logo you see on LibreOffice's splashscreens. When you burn DVDs with LibreOffice on it, or put LibreOffice on USB keys, you cannot use the logo with the TDF subline on the physical supports themselves, unless these are officially approved physical supports by TDF.

The Document Foundation refers to the product and the community on their website, on marketing material, fair booths and other means by a logo with TDF subline. This is only allowed for

  • official community representatives (SC and board members described in the bylaws).
  • officially approved international, language based or regional teams (including TDF members approved by the Membership Committee, so their work is led by the Community Bylaws) in consent with their dedicated mailing lists. If there is any doubt on the team's legitimation, a formal request at the list is necessary.

Individual community members and other people referring to our product and the community should use the logo without the subline.

They are not allowed to use the logo with TDF subline to avoid misinterpretation of their references as official community statements and presentations.

Usage Examples
  • Product "LibreOffice" (substantially unmodified binaries)
  • Official Website "LibreOffice"
  • TDF approved DVDs or USB keys with "LibreOffice"
  • Community made DVDs or USB keys with "LibreOffice"
  • Supporter websites referring to "LibreOffice"
Logo Example
LibreOffice Initial-Artwork-Logo ColorLogoContemporary 500px.png
LibreOffice external logo 300px.png
Logo Download TDF Logo Resources Community Logo Resources

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