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    This page was marked as inactive and is retained for historical reference.
    Either the page is no longer relevant or consensus on its purpose has become unclear. To revive discussion, seek broader input via a forum such as one of our mailing lists.

    Key Messaging to be Displayed and spread on the website for the 4.0 release

    What needs to be defined:

    • A slogan (or something that comes close to it for the landing page and the temporary homepage=
    • top 5 to 10 features: THESE MAY END UP BEING DIFFERENT FROM ONE NL COMMUNITY TO ANOTHER but we'll do that in English to act as a base for everybody else
    • wording for the landing page that is neither the slogan nor the features: subtext, links towards other places on the website, etc.


    This slogan only applies to this release, it's a release slogan, not a general slogan. general idea: "great software made by a great community" SLOGAN TO BE DEFINED ELSEWHERE. DON'T ADD ANYTHING TO THIS SECTION.

    Top Features

    The main release notes are located on the wiki, we need to choose among them, and to come up with "meta-features" such as "Work better with others (with this and that feature)". Marc will then take between 5 and ten of the features listed in the release notes and design a Features Page on the website. The "meta-features" below are based on actual features but are supposed to be geared at the Landing Page of the 4.0, expressing solutions and possibilities rather than actual features.

    1. Collaborate with others (Integration with CMS and online documents storage (CMIS))
    2. Hassle-free documents exchange (better OOXML filters)
    3. VISIO and Publisher documents? We have these covered!
    4. Faster, more powerful (startup speed & documents size improvements)
    5. New and powerful UI layouts: Theme your office suite the way you like, design new exciting extensions!
    6. Right to Left Languages are first-class citizens now
    7. Are you a Keynote master? We have something for your Android smartphone...
    8. .......

    NB: Add Android App Store image to the landing page + homepage