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Why LibreOffice? Messaging - Why? in a nutshell

  • LibreOffice is the most complete Free and Open Source Office Suite
  • LibreOffice has the fastest growing number of features: Thanks to one of the fastest development pace in the industry. Twice a year a new version is released that ships many new features. Further more many additional releases with improvements and bugfixes are made
  • LibreOffice is a community powered software: anyone can join and each contribution counts
  • LibreOffice is one of the fastest growing communities worldwide: It is available in over a hundred different languages
  • LibreOffice is independent: It is run by the people and for the people through the Document Foundation, its representative entity.
  • Headquartered in Europe (Berlin), The Document Foundation and the LibreOffice project are independent, free from vendor capture and governmental data collection and surveillance.

Features unique for LibreOffice

Below initial list by MM
See full list mentioned here
Features to be found on the various feature pages:


LibreOffice - Collection of all new features - & selection to highlight

Work in Progress File:LibreOffice newFeaturesOverview.ods

This file collects all the features mentioned for the various releases.
This counts for over 500 ! items, of which roughly 40-60% (??) will be unique in LibreOffice ..
So the idea is (was) to make this collection a clear overview, simple to search, to choose which to show/highlight.

Page in Silverstripe

  • Adreas created a sub-page to Features in Silverstripe with the title "Why


  • Cor likes the two colum table as used in e.g. '3-6-new-features-and-fixes/' best.


filter work

  • Lots of extra Import filters: Lotus Word Pro, MS Works, Visio (all versions), WordPerfect (all versions), Corel Draw, MS Publisher, MS Word for Mac 5.1, Write Now 4.0, MacWrite Pro 1.5, AppleWorks 6.0
  • ODF import/export: embed corporate palettes, performance improvements, fast flat-ODF filters, embedding of media files (3.5), font embedding into the document (4.1, improves interoperability)
  • OOXML import/export improvements: many custom-shapes fixes, smart-art import, ink annotations import, many VML fixes, EMF+ rendering, huge amounts of heavy-lifting bug-fixing work too.
  • Performance improvements for RTF, DOC, DOCX etc.

UI improvements

  • Live / interactive word-count in status - bar and/or dialog
  • New UI / layout dialogs - cleaner & better localisation (4.0)
  • Font preview (also internationalized) & style preview in the UI
  • Crisper font rendering
  • Easy-to-use header / footer insertion in Writer & attractive page-breaks rendered between pages not in-line
  • Ctrl+F to find in a Firefox-like in-window search-bar
  • Save-as dialog is less confusing around file formats
  • Arabic/Indic (Right to Left) support: dozens of fixes
  • Personas - theme your toolbar: shared with mozilla
  • Flatter, more modern UI look
  • Much improved high-quality photo scaling to avoid aliasing
  • Easier export of graphics and many other improvements in handling (3.6, 4.0)
  • Fast applying of the last used colour with split colour buttons in Writer and Calc (3.6)
  • New template manager dialog
  • Improved presenter console


  • Add range comments: comment on a chunk of text not only to a location (4.0)
  • Different header and footer on the first page without using a separate page style. Also improves interoperabillity. (4.0)
  • Navigator lets you unfold one heading as usual in a tree view (3.3)
  • New easy-to-use dialog box for title pages (3.3)
  • Table AutoFormats records a lot extra properties (3.6)
  • Lots of work on rendering / layout improvements for interoperabiliy. Too numerous and individually uninteresting to list
  • Use of Microsoft Word form field documents as intended: with tab
  • Embedded image / photo rotation now possible (4.1)

Greek and Arabic mode for bullets and numbering (3.4 - and others? later?)

Impress pieces

  • Android bluetooth remote-control with slide previews & notes install from the google store & play
  • New Impress master pages + widescreen format support
  • Photo album slide-deck builder (4.1)
  • Embedding of media files (3.5)

calc bits

  • Color scales & data-bars rendered in cells
  • More border styles (also improves interoperability)
  • Multi-inline input bar
  • DataPilot improvements: named ranges and unlimited number of fields and more (3.4)
  • Auto-filter and sorting: improvemed UI and more options (3.5, 3.6)
  • Unlimited number of rules for conditional formatting (3.5)
  • Named ranges can be set per sheet (3.4)
  • Support for 1000 sheets (3.5)
  • Improved calc copy/move sheet dialog
  • Additional sheet protection options (3.3)
  • More functions in Tab context menu (3.5, 3.6)
  • More options in the cell context menu (3.6)
  • Import arbitrary XML files with schema GUI (4.0)
  • Much improved CSV import (3.3, 3.6)
  • Date handling improved, more flexible and less intrusive (3.5, 3.6, ..)
  • Stepped lines / charts (4.1)
  • Numerous new spreadsheet functions (3.5, 3.6, 4.0, 4.1)
  • More-familiar default key bindings (3.3)


  • New symbols (3.5)
  • Better integration with Help (3.6)
  • Interactive in-document formula editing (experimental mode, 3.3)


  • Support of Read-Only database registration (3.3)
  • Integrated PostgreSQL native driver (3.5)


  • We ship 100+ in our default installl


  • Single MSI file with everything embedded for Windows installation
  • CMIS integration: Sharepoint, Alfresco, Nuexo
  • Built-in lightproof simple proof-reading / grammar checker
  • Much improved 'label' pages geometry, selection & config.