CeBIT 2014

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CeBIT 2014
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Dates10. to 14. March 2014
LocationMesse Hannover


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This page is to coordinate the booth at CeBIT 2014. The contact for organization Thomas Krummbein. Idally, we plan to organize the work on the German discuss-Mailingliste.

CeBIT will take place on 10 to 14 March 2014 in Hannover. It is more focused on the business visitors this year.

The installation is on 9 March.



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The stand is located Halle 6 , H 14 - diagonally at the opposite of the Open Source platform.

We have a total of 27 square meters (3 * 9 m) with two free spaces.

In addition to the TDF (LibreOffice) and the FroDeV the company Colabora is on the stand The preliminary Stand-/Aufbauplan looks like this:

What we need for the booth? Computers - provided by FroDeV Tables - Stand Seating - Stand This year we will have a large flatscreen (TV), which is then used as a presentation screen as. So: Who owns presentations, movies or similar should bring them with him :)

Tickets: We have enough Elekronische tickets. If required, mail to me: T.Krumbein @

Marketing materiel/Advertising

What promotional material do we need?

  • Banner
  • Flyer (still enough available from last year)
  • Postcards (not enough available from last year)
 Content - should be check and print if needed.
  • LibOx

The design should be timely and possible, based on the new 4.2-style.

Personal planning

Please add your name to this table Marketing/Events/CeBIT2014/de#Personalplan

USB Sticks

USB sticks are also planned as giveaways. Besides favorable 1-2 GB sticks with the logo it should be - as a kind of substitute for the DVD - higher quality sticks passed in the form of a credit card. These are currently quite popular - and convenient for its large advertising space for storing important information. My suggestion would be similar to the rack card here, the most important links to bring under. Design proposal:

Designmuster USB 'Stick Kreditkarte