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    Tabel ini bisa membantu untuk memastikan pekerjaan yang diperlukan pada berbagai langkah rilis oleh tim. Tanggal awal mula tugas pekerjaan sudah dihentikan. Sebagai nasehat umum:

    • jagalah komunikasi sesuai daftar, menghilangkan pesan untuk kooordinasi pekerjaan tidak dianjurkan.
    • hindari mengirimkan banyak daftar, diskusi akan berjarak dengan beberapa daftar, akan menjadi sulit untuk diikuti dan akan menghilangkan keefektifan.

    • BSA
    • IZ
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    • Preparation of the Features page on the site
    • Draft of the press release
    • The drafts should be ready for RC3 and finalized a couple of days following RC3 (coordinated with the dev team), only minor changes to go on in the last days.
    • Publish the Features page on SilverStripe without making it public (switches for this are on SilverStripe) and direct-email nl site maintainers of the availability of the page ready for translation. (Note that the native language teams need approximately 1 week to complete the translation of the Features page and have asked that there be at least 1 weekend during that time frame. The nl website maintainers need to be contacted by direct-email to warn them of upcoming deadlines and to communicate these deadlines to their teams. The site maintainers will need the Features HTML coded page for their site in order to shorten the amount of coding necessary to put up their Features page on SilverStripe -- this will setup all of the image links and tables for them.)
    • Ready "Features" redirector page on SilverStripe "Features" section
    • Direct-email site maintainers of any subsequent last minute changes to the Features page
    • Direct-email site maintainers to assess the number of nl sites who are readying their Features page and report the list back to the Marketing team
    • Direct-email a copy of the PR release (with embargo) to all of the site maintainers who will then make arrangements for translation with their teams and hold off publishing until a coordinated date is sent to them.
    • Announcement
    • Press kit
    • Social Media alert message
    • New Features page on marketing POV
    check on G+ - FB - Twitter - Identica - Linkedin - Reddit
    • Our official Facebook group
    • Our official Google + community
    • The official TDF Google + page
    • The Libreoffice subreddit
    • The Open Source subreddit
    • Our official TDF Twitter: @tdforg
    • Our official LibreOffice Twitter: @libreoffice
    • Features page
    • Follow up with any changes to the Features pages with direct-email to nl website maintainers
    • Features list on the wiki
    • Release Notes
    to be coordinated with QA and Marketing
    to be coordinated for inclusion in l10n process
    • Release notes
    • Installation guides
    to be coordinated with Marketing
    • upload of the builds
    • update of the download page
    mirror propagation

    • coordinate with the Marketing team and nl website maintainers and offer help to these groups with regards to the Features page -- this requires an email mailout to the nl maintainers for direct contact. Make sure the nl maintainers are aware of deadline dates.
    • visit nl sites and suggest any fixes to their Features page layout if any
    • Publish the Features page by making it public
    • Publish "Features" redirector page on SilverStripe "Features" section and make it public
    • Installation guides
    • Upload of the builds
    • Update of download page
    • Update of home page
    • Update the wiki home page
    coordinated with Marketing
    coordinated with Documentation
    mirror propagation/P2P/Torrents/ISO/Portable
    • release notes up to date
    • check with Marketing on "Featured Selection" list
    • check with Design & Marketing about About/Splash/etc.
    • prepare update notifications
    • check with l10n that all is ok
    • security bulletin
    • have devs include screenshots of features (on the release notes wikipage) where appropriate
    • check the PR
    • check the Features page
    coordinated with Marketing
    • ???
    • ???
    • Release notes
    • Main page
    • Install notes
    • Download page
    • Publish the PR
    • Social media/press
    • Publish site pages
    • Update wiki page
    coordinated with Marketing

    At least two irc chat should be organized where all the projects are represented

    • two weeks before the estimated release date
    • one week before the estimated release date

    If the release date is reported, one more irc chat should be organized

    At least two members to coordinate, check that all the projects cross communicate on the tasks