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    The LibreOffice community is preparing the release of 3.5.0 There is a load of good new stuff prepared (more below...) and we want to make sure that it is well tested. You can now help to make version 3.5.0 a great one! At January 21 and 22 we have an international bug-hunting session with the first release candidate for LibreOffice 3.5.0 . Join :-)

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    How to join

    • Get the latest version (LibreOffice 3.5.0 RC2 (2012-02-01) - Release Candidate)
      • Note that the release candidate usually replaces your current LibreOffice installation - see also the release notes.
      • You may want to use the mechanism of parallel installation
    • Install and start testing
    • Report bugs you find

    When: January 21 and 22

    Any time you want ... however:

    • Mentors are supposed to be available from 08:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC on both dates.

    You are always welcome to hunt bugs at other dates/times, when you are not able to join this session!

    What to test

    There are always more ways to test: do your regular tasks, structured tests, or playing with the new features..
    Choose what suits best for you  :-) All testing is great and important!
    So take one of those:

    Find a bug?

    When you are really sure: add it to our bug database. When you want to discuss it, use chat or mail, fast and direct.

    If there is a bug that you want to pin point as clear as possible, then bibisect (explained by Bjoern Michaelsen) will be a great tool for you!

    Get a little support

    Other users, testers, are at irc and the mail list to help with any question.
    More info on Litmus, to work with our test cases, is here
    If you have an idea for a test case, feel welcome to post this at our QA mailing list