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This page is about the Version (aka Product Version) field in Bugzilla.


There are many versions available in the drop-down box. As of May 2013 there are ongoing discussions about how to reduce the total number of options in this field to make it easier to select a version without scrolling through dozens of EOL'd version numbers.

How we use this field

We currently use the Version field to store the earliest LibreOffice version on which we can reproduce a bug. This nuance can be confusing to beginning users or triagers, so we are currently working on changing the label in FDO to reflect our use.

General Notes

The Version picker should show the LibreOffice version where the problem appeared, this information should help to find the code change what causes the problem. Especially for regressions it is important to have an indication with what version the problem appeared.

  • QA-Team members should try to find out during review whether also more early versions have been affected by the reported problem and modify the version picker if necessary.
    • If you find out that the problem did not exist in more early LibreOffice versions (or in OOo 3.3) set regression Keyword.
    • Same if bibisecting shows that the problem has been introduced in a version before the Version you find in the selector; please adjust the shown version after your tests.

If your LibO version is not available in Versions picker, please add information in Summary line like ''[OOO340m1 (Build:401)]'' or similar and use unspecified from Version Picker! You might find versions what do not yet exist, information concerning the latest version you can find here.

  • For reports concerning LibreOffice Portable please proceed in the same way. If the problem only can be observed with a portable LibreOffice, please start Summary Line with " [Portable]" together with Release Version from Version Picker!
  • For Dev-Builds see Particular Versions
  • For bugs inherited from OOo use most early available LibO version LibO 3.3.0 Beta2

New Versions 2012-06-20

The contents in the selector will be modified so that in future the Versions shown in the picker will be more similar to the Version shown in LibreOffice menu Help/About. After Discussion on libreoffice-qa we have a decision, so it will look for new Versions:

Help / About Bugzilla Picker Info Remark Master Master daily daily daily daily rc Release Candidate rc Release Candidate rc Release Candidate release Release, Final Version Bugzilla version renamed from rc

  • There will be some further fine tuning concerning Daily Builds after alpha1, this concept produces too many Versions for nearby 0 reports. But these are small details, will be the first Build following that scheme.
  • Old Versions until LibO 3.5 only will loose the leading LibO in the picker
  • There is no need for any manual changes, existing bugs will get their new Version automatically without any noise.

Version Picker: Particular Versions

(See in Summary)

  • The version picker only contains LibO Versions. For extensions and other LibO related software:
    • If Software is listed in the Component picker, mention the Version at the beginning of the Summary line with a "V " in front of version and a colon behind it.
      • Example: "V 1.0.4: Parsing Error ... "
    • For extensions and similar software what is not listed in the Components add the version behind the Software- / Extension-name. For Extensions please copy/paste the Name including Version from Extensions website, terminate the Name+Version by a colon!

Inherited from OOo

  • Ideally any bug that is not (1) a regression, or (2) a bug with a feature added after branch off from OOo, should be set to Inherited from OOo. Any bug present in LibreOffice should be set to "Inherited from OOo".


  • Master old -3.6 is for all Bugs that have been observed in Daily Builds from a MASTER subdirectory until LibreOffice 3.6. Because of the very wide Range, especially for bugs observed in 3.5 Master (Summer 2011), the most early 3.5 released version where the problem also has been observed might be more useful, but a general recommendation is difficult.
  • Starting with LibO 4.0 every Major Release will get it's own Master Version in Bugzilla (like Master )
  • In Master Build Bug reports please always also mention Tinderbox name and Time stamp from downloaded file. That will ease to find out whether a build used for review is more current or not compared to reporter's version.
    • Please always check whether the problem also can be observed in the current stable builds, use LibO Master only for problems only visible in Master versions.
    • Subject Line of the report should start with pseudo key word MinGW if a problem only can be observed in those Master builds

3.4 Daily

For all Bugs that have been observed in LibO 3.4 related Daily Builds. These builds are no longer available.

3.5 Daily

For all Bugs that have been observed in LibO 3.5 related Daily Builds from libreoffice-3-5 subdirectory.