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This page contains information about the Goals of the QA/Team.

Work In Progress by This page is currently being drafted by Joel and Robinson... consider nothing on here canonical until we talk about it at a QA Meeting : {{{2}}}

Why have Goals?

The QA Team has chosen various goals in an attempt to create a fun and focused work environment. Having a written set of goals helps both the members of the Team and new visitors/contributors understand what we're aiming to accomplish.

A specific set of goals makes it easier for people to join-in and feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

The Goals

There are many goals of the LibreOffice project, perhaps chief among them distributing a high-quality FLOSS office suite to everyone in the world. The QA Team has chosen several of its own goals:

Triage all bugs within 60 days

  • Proposed by: Joel
  • Robinson agrees with the spirit of the goal (but is concerned about having enough warm bodies to make it happen)

Provide a happy, fun, and respectful work environment

  • Proposed by: Robinson
  • (This might be more of a Rule than a Goal...)
  • A happy and fun work environment will encourage more people to join our merry band.
  • Being respectful of others is key to making everyone feel welcome. Coincidentally, this will probably encourage more people to contribute (Hmm...I sense a trend).

Make meetings accessible and transparent to all

  • Proposed by: Joel, Robinson
  • Get as many past meetings as possible in new wiki format, including agendas + minutes
  • Make sure that people can access the meeting (via phone, Skype, computer, IRC, etc...)

How to Add/Remove/Change Goals

Suggestions here? The current method is:

  • Go to a QA Meeting and propose some changes!