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    This page is all about our Most Annoying Bugs (aka MABs).

    What are “Most Annoying Bugs” ?

    LibreOffice keeps track of our Most Annoying Bugs (MAB) by setting the Priority field to highest. The goal of identifying MABs is to attract the attention of the QA Team and Developers to bugs of special importance.

    How to mark a bug as a MAB

    To add a bug,

    1. Make sure you're a member of the Contributors group in Bugzilla. This group has the necessary privileges to Prioritize bugs.
    2. Update the bug report:
      • Change the Priority field to highest
      • Add a comment describing why this bug should be prioritized such, and explaining why this bug is a “most annoying” one.
      • Double-check to make sure that the Summary and other fields on the report are correct
      • Finally, click Save Changes.

    Bugs by Release Series

    We previously used tracking bugs to keep track of MABs for each LibreOffice release series. We still group MABs by release series, but now use Bugzilla fields (Status: OPEN + Priority: highest) to keep track of which bugs are MABs.

    New Style

    (Version list as of 2023-03-20)
    Release series

    (earliest version bug confirmed)

    All bugs Open bugs Comment
    7.6 all open
    7.5 all open
    7.4 all open
    End of Life
    7.3 all open
    7.2 all open
    7.1 all open
    7.0/6.5 all open (6.5 was renamed to 7.0)
    6.4 all open
    6.3 all open
    6.2 all open
    6.1 all open
    6.0 all open
    5.4 all open
    5.3 all open
    5.2 all open
    5.1 all open
    5.0/4.5 all open (4.5 was renamed to 5.0)
    4.4 all open
    4.3 all open
    4.2 all open
    4.1 all open
    4.0 all open
    3.6 all open
    3.5 all open
    3.4 all open
    3.3 all open
    Inherited from OOo all open
    preBibisect all open
    unspecified all open

    Old Style

    Classic MABs
    Release version Tracking bug Query still open bugs Open bugs absent in later MAB lists Daily builds
    3.4 tdf#35673 opened
    3.5 tdf#37361 opened
    3.6 tdf#44446 opened
    4.0 tdf#54157 opened
    4.1 tdf#60270 opened
    4.2 tdf#65675 opened Open bugs absent in mab4.3

    Open bugs absent in mab4.4

    4.3 tdf#75025 opened Open bugs absent in mab4.4 libreoffice-4-3
    4.4 tdf#79641 opened libreoffice-4-4
    5.0 tdf#86696 opened master

    Also see

    • Tracking Bugs - Various bugs that we use to track sets of related bug reports.