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Current Projects

Repeating Task: Bug Triaging

SUMMARY: This is one of our main tasks. It's also a never ending task. We need to look at unconfirmed bugs if we can confirm then and set those to NEW. There's a lot to be done - let's get started. Please visit the Bug Triaging Wiki for more info.

Repeating Task: Clean up deprecated NEEDINFO bugs

SUMMARY: We've created a new reply message (example) for NEEDINFO bugs without a reply for 180 days.

PROJECT: Currently being done by Jmadero (60 currently remaining). Let's go trough all NEEDINFO tickets older than 180 days, then follow-up after 30 days. When that is done, let's put this project into finished projects. That new policy then should be a default routine for us with new bugs.

STATUS (as of 2013-05-27): First ~200 have been done, should be done with phase 1 in the coming week, in a month second phase will be done in a 2-3 period time frame.