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    This page was marked as inactive and is retained for historical reference.
    Either the page is no longer relevant or consensus on its purpose has become unclear. To revive discussion, seek broader input via a forum such as one of our mailing lists.


    It must be easy to contribute a new test case. Though, the core QA team wants to review few test cases before giving writing rights to MozTrap.

    If you have a new test case and do not have the write access into MozTrap, please add it to this page or send it to the QA mailing list. Both locations are monitored by QA team members. They will integrate your test case. If your contribution is good, they will happily give you write access to speed up the process.

    Now, if you want to add the test case here, please copy the following template section and fill the needed information. See also the example on the test case page.

    Contributor Roles

    When you have a successful registration to MozTrap, you are automatically assigned to be a Tester, who has the permission to execute any existing testings in an existing test run. Besides, for test case maintenance, there are several more roles designed in MozTrap.

    • Tester
      • Can run tests and report the results.
    • Test Creator
      • All Tester permissions.
      • Can create new test cases. Allows tagging of these test cases with existing tags, but not creation of new tags. (It is reasonable that a tester should be allowed to edit the test cases created by herself, but not edit test cases created by others. However we have a issue here in this field of MozTrap, a tester is not allowed to edit any test cases at the moment.)
      • Can add and remove test cases from suites.
    • Test Manager
      • All Tester and Test Creator permissions.
      • Manage cases - can add, edit, and delete test cases and test case versions.
      • Manage suites - can add, edit, and delete test suites.
      • Manage tags - can add, edit, and delete tags.
      • Manage runs - Can add, edit, and delete test runs.
      • Review results - Can review submitted test results and mark them reviewed.
      • Manage environments - Can create, edit, and delete environment profiles, categories, elements, and environments.
    • Admin
      • All Tester, Test Creator and Test Manager permissions.
      • Manage products - can create, edit, and delete products and product versions.
      • Manage users - can create, edit, and delete users.

    Test Case Name

    • Test Type: One of "Regression Test", "Feature Test"
    • Version: One of "All", "3.6", "4.0", "X.Y", etc.
    • Piority: One of "P1", "P2", "P3", "P4"
    • Component: One of "General", "Base", "Calc", "Draw", "Impress", "Math", "Writer"
    • Steps to Perform:
    In English(or other language the case was written)
    * do this
    * do that (*vp.1*)
    * do something else
        * put the indented items here if necessary to split more steps
    * do that (*vp.2*)
    • Expected Results:
    In English(or other language the case was written)
    1. This should happen at this verify point.
    2. This should happen at this verify point.