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LibreOffice provides so called Daily Builds for testing program versions between the official releases. Here you can get all information you need if you want to do such tests. You will use those prerelease versions on your own risk

Where can I get Daily Builds?

What Builds are available?

Please see Development/Tinderbox

How to use

Can those Daily Builds run in parallel while a normal Release Version is running?

Testing different languages

To try LibreOffice in different languages, without changing the configuration, you can use the command line parameter --language.

For example, to set the default language to french: libreoffice --language=fr.

How to Report Bugs

2 new Versions are available in the Bugzilla Version Picker

  • LibO Daily 3.x for Stable Release related daily builds
  • LibO Master for daily builds from Master

For bug reports please use appropriate Version from picker together with copy of Unique Build Identifier from LibreOffice Help copied to report text.

  • Please mention the tinderbox name (copy/paste like "Windows_2008R2") and the Pull Time (you wil find it in the textfile in the build folder) in the report, that will ease association between bug and build

For general Bug report hints please see BugReport'!

Some technical Details

How to find the source

At least on Voreppe_Win32_Tinderbox [dead link] only binaries are available.

  • You can get the source files from ??????????
  • You can recognized related source files by ??????

Who is the provider?

Typically tinderbox. So anyone running a tinderbox that has a ssh access to the box hosting dev-builds. can upload dailies.

How often will they be uploaded?

If the tinderbox script is setup as such, it will attempt the upload the first successful build of the day (that is after 00:00 UTC)

So how often is variable, ideally once a day... but that may not be the case for 3 main reasons:

  1. the tinderbox is down
  2. the built tree is broken and no build succeeded that day
  3. there was no activity in that tree during that day.

The directory 'current' should link to the latest available so for instance

What do the download file names mean?

There is no naming convention at this point for tinderbox, but most are named in a way that should allow to guess what they are. If you want to know exactly what options are used you can refer to tinderbox MASTER status page and look at a build log for that tinderbox.

For instance the build log start with:

2             2011-10-28 23:14:15
3             core:2a5e99cb83a91e9a4bb92c117dcbc8baa6d718fe
4             binfilter:522e9fe9e46e52f4c7ac48858ee6cd82a2e0eb48
5             dictionaries:c4051ff3fff35db559e3363e6728f6bc3f9de071
6             help:3b66bd0d5781edd556817fd443dbf69a892cd066
7             translations:672ed497054a4d92a620e615bbaa18313c06f919
8             running ./configure with ´--with-num-cpus=4´ ´--with-max-jobs=5´ ´--disable-mozilla´ ´--without-system-mozilla´ ´--disable-binfilter´ ´--disable-kde´ ´--with-jdk-home=/opt/sun-jdk-´

Which gives you exactly what was built (the git-sha of each repo) and the exact list of configuration options used to build.

Note: that is build-log produced by tinderbuild2, the tinderbuild script produce a slightly different output but the same information are still available.

Is parallel installation possible / planned?

That is platform dependent. For Mac all you need is to mount the .dmg and run it from that mounted volume... so yes.

You can install those Daily Builds parallel to existing LibreOffice with a little effort following instructions on Installing several versions of LibreOffice in parallel.