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    General for this Beta: parallel installation

    • This Beta release will install in parallel to your existing LibreOffice installation.


    • LibreOffice 24.8 will require Windows 7 or newer

    New Features

    An in-progress list of features for this version is available here.

    Reported Bugs

    A list of annoying bugs still contained in this version is available from Bugzilla, the full list of reported bugs is here.


    The full list of people who have collaborated in this release is here.

    List of fixed bugs

    Bugs fixed compared to 24.8.0 Alpha1:

    1. cid#1459023 dereference null return value [Caolán McNamara]
    2. cid#1598235 uninitialized pointer field [Caolán McNamara]
    3. cid#1598236 silence Unchecked return value [Caolán McNamara]
    4. cid#1598237 uncaught exception [Caolán McNamara]
    5. cid#1598293 silence Unchecked return value [Caolán McNamara]
    6. cid#1598442 dereference null return value [Caolán McNamara]
    7. cid#1602442 uninitialized pointer field [Caolán McNamara]
    8. cid#1602443 use_after_free [Julien Nabet]
    9. cid#1602445 silence Uncaught exception [Caolán McNamara]
    10. cid#1602446 silence Unchecked return value [Caolán McNamara]
    11. cid#1602448 unchecked return value [Caolán McNamara]
    12. cid#1602449 resource leak [Caolán McNamara]
    13. cid#1602450 dereference after null check [Caolán McNamara]
    14. cid#1603200 uninitialized scalar variable [Caolán McNamara]
    15. cid#1603563 unchecked return value [Caolán McNamara]
    16. cool#8570 try to reduce CPU spent in MsLangId::getScriptType [Noel Grandin]
    17. cool#9019 draw/impress: disable the Grid for now [Hubert Figuière]
    18. cool#9174 enable .uno:ChangeBezier [Hubert Figuière]
    19. ofz#68840 another putcontig8bitYCbCr22tile issue [Caolán McNamara]
    20. ofz#69215 heap-use-after-free [Caolán McNamara]
    21. ofz#69246 integer-overflow [Caolán McNamara]
    22. ofz#69256 integer-overflow [Caolán McNamara]
    23. ofz#69290 integer-overflow [Caolán McNamara]
    24. ofz#69356 integer-overflow [Caolán McNamara]
    25. ofz#69444 integer-overflow [Caolán McNamara]
    26. tdf#33603 Presenter notes should be available in normal view as a scrolling pane [Sarper Akdemir]
    27. tdf#43157 Clean up OSL_ASSERT, DBG_ASSERT, etc. [Gabor Kelemen]
    28. tdf#44293 FORMATTING: Format ordinal number suffixes (1st -> 1^st) doesn't work in Portuguese [László Németh]
    29. tdf#57414 File Recovery: Don't include unmodified files for AutoRecovery (comment 26) [Justin Luth]
    30. tdf#61444 Text layout broken across formatting changes (color, underline, etc.) [Jonathan Clark]
    31. tdf#69192 SLIDESHOW: add command line switch to start at arbitrary slide number [Justin Luth, Stéphane Guillou]
    32. tdf#69724 There is no ability to set/configure the default number/bullet styles [Tibor Nagy, Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    33. tdf#70526 Provide startup time measurements [Venetia]
    34. tdf#72511 Comment note on a DOC from MS Word for Mac 2008 appears wrongly on Writer [Justin Luth]
    35. tdf#77388 Images, inserted in a table cell, go out of cell borders when the document (and thus the table) is zoomed. [László Németh]
    36. tdf#78510 FILEOPEN: MSO ODT - Bullet points in wrong location [Justin Luth]
    37. tdf#81272 Libreoffice Is Very Slow Rendering Chinese Characters (because of font fallback?) [Jonathan Clark]
    38. tdf#97618 FILEOPEN drawing object (flow chart shapes) distorted in DOCX because of drawing canvas [Justin Luth]
    39. tdf#99528 Better handling for multiline tabs [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    40. tdf#100037 FILEOPEN DOCX Image arrangement (in Z dimension) not respected [Justin Luth]
    41. tdf#105988 Improve help for "Eliminate Points" in section "Edit Points Bar" [Dione Maddern]
    42. tdf#106335 Copying Attributes With the Clone Formatting Tool misses Impress [Dione Maddern]
    43. tdf#109347 Crashreport: link isn't displayed in Linux [Thorsten Behrens]
    44. tdf#114398 Calc, on reopen, messes up soft newlines pasted from RichText format (comment 5) [Justin Luth]
    45. tdf#115357 Enhancement request: Set Start Menu folder under Windows to \LibreOffice\ [kubak]
    46. tdf#124116 Track-changes Hebrew & Arabic punctuation shifted from correct position on regular text [Jonathan Clark]
    47. tdf#126095 NB Impress/Draw: "Drawing" toolbar visible which should be hidden for notebookbar view when apply-to-all done in another app [Justin Luth]
    48. tdf#126573 Add array functions in Calc: FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, RANDARRAY [Balazs Varga]
    49. tdf#127293 Add XLOOKUP function in Calc [Balazs Varga]
    50. tdf#128425 Add XMATCH function in Calc [Balazs Varga]
    51. tdf#129097 HELP: Inconsistency between UI item name ("Name Box") and its naming in help ("Sheet Area box") [Dione Maddern]
    52. tdf#130024 Many wrong statements in help page for toolbar "Edit Points" [Dione Maddern]
    53. tdf#130838 Calc: "Track changes" mode disables some kinds of functionality; documentation on that missing [Dione Maddern]
    54. tdf#131098 OOXML .docx Image Fill Not Imported [Justin Luth]
    55. tdf#132599 Option to stop words hyphenating across pages [László Németh]
    56. tdf#134193 Support right-to-left math layout in Formula Editor [Julien Nabet]
    57. tdf#136294 Red wrong spelled lining needs a trigger to get activated (spell checker) [Mike Kaganski]
    58. tdf#137543 Add a LET function into Calc [Balazs Varga]
    59. tdf#140811 "Add and Size" not explained on Image tab help, plus Link graphics is mentioned but does not appear in dialog [Dione Maddern]
    60. tdf#143123 Port Java SDK examples to Python [RMZeroFour]
    61. tdf#143148 Use pragma once instead of include guards (Episode 2: Endgame) [Michael Weghorn]
    62. tdf#144208 Slow File OPEN of 477 pages ODT with 282 comments and track changes [Noel Grandin]
    63. tdf#144752 Misspelled word is not marked this way after undo of suggestion [Mike Kaganski]
    64. tdf#145538 Use range based for loops [U-AMANDAQUARESMA\quare]
    65. tdf#145735 qt6: Support video playback in Impress presentations on Wayland [Michael Weghorn]
    66. tdf#145972 UI: Displayed image width PROPERTY relative to page erroneous after changing default measurement unit to Pt [Miklos Vajna]
    67. tdf#146326 The Autofilter Input Box should get focus upon mouse-hover [Caolán McNamara]
    68. tdf#146619 Remove unused #includes from C/C++ files [Gabor Kelemen]
    69. tdf#146756 FILEOPEN PPTX: labels of pie chart wrap much too aggressively (compared to 365) as well as too conservatively [Justin Luth]
    70. tdf#147906 Use hypot function for Pythagorean addition [HakimOttey]
    71. tdf#148587 Help: menu paths for Summary Slide and Expand Slide have to be updated [Dione Maddern]
    72. tdf#148903 Description for ”page text area” is wrong in Position and Size tab and Image - Type tab [Bogdan B]
    73. tdf#149258 FILESAVE DOCX Dots appear IN MS WORD for custom numbering [Justin Luth]
    74. tdf#150082 LO Base MySQL connector don't accept auth via gssapi (missing auth_gssapi_client.dll?) [Printf Debugging]
    75. tdf#151382 UI: Keep ratio setting lost after opening Image properties Position and Size dialog, a change, OK and reopening the dialog [Caolán McNamara]
    76. tdf#152024 Diacritics are cut off in top and bottom of paragraph [Jonathan Clark]
    77. tdf#152923 Column and row headings hard to distinguish from sheet and window [Heiko Tietze]
    78. tdf#153008 FILEOPEN PPTX: images (clipped against a shape) appear horizontally compressed [Caolán McNamara, Attila Szűcs]
    79. tdf#154774 Preview in Spacing dialog does not respect dark mode [Rizal Muttaqin]
    80. tdf#154996 Help pages about dialogs should provide instructions for the Tabbed UI [Dione Maddern]
    81. tdf#155364 Forms - Table controls: Buttons in the Navigation bar get smaller when zooming form [Caolán McNamara]
    82. tdf#155692 Resizing RTL table cells is almost impossible (very tricky) [László Németh]
    83. tdf#156105 Percents behave wrong in list level prefix/suffix [Justin Luth]
    84. tdf#156792 Default values by language for Autocorrect localized options: a way to disable 1st > 1^{st} by language [László Németh]
    85. tdf#156955 FILEOPEN PPTX: multiline text with left aligned and right aligned mixed fails to render properly [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    86. tdf#157009 Android: F-Droid listing lacks app icon [Michael Weghorn]
    87. tdf#157453 ListBox in Table Control does not follow the property "line count" [Caolán McNamara]
    88. tdf#157533 Unpredictable cursor and keyboard behaviour after deselecting a math formula [László Németh]
    89. tdf#157664 Drop operator !=, where respective operator == is defined [Zainab Abbasi]
    90. tdf#157833 Unable to resize columns and rows of a table inside of a frame using the cursor [László Németh]
    91. tdf#157931 Top right close button fails to close form [Michael Stahl]
    92. tdf#158110 Copy/paste of Calc comments fails when more than one cell is copied [Andreas Heinisch]
    93. tdf#158337 Use C++20 std::erase instead of std::remove followed by erase [AmandaQuaresmaCoutinho]
    94. tdf#158789 Allow SUMIF and SUBTOTAL to apply to arrays [Xisco Fauli, Eike Rathke]
    95. tdf#158803 Fix issues found by pyflakes [Leonard Sasse]
    96. tdf#158839 (OpenPGP) [META] OpenPGP bugs and enhancements [Moritz Duge]
    97. tdf#158914 Calc leaks RAM when using macOS accessibility [Michael Weghorn, Patrick Luby]
    98. tdf#159375 Opening Tools > Options dialog takes too long [Bayram Çiçek]
    99. tdf#159547 of-pie connector lines aren't quite geometrically correct [Kurt Nordback]
    100. tdf#159573 Show most important changes for new releases in a dialog [Heiko Tietze]
    101. tdf#159695 Validity settings are editable on a protected sheet from context menu [Oliver Specht]
    102. tdf#159872 [LOCALHELP] Help pages for Calc functions FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, RANDARRAY [Olivier Hallot]
    103. tdf#159897 FILEOPEN DOCX Hyperlink with ScreenTip is imported broken [Tibor Nagy]
    104. tdf#159899 Show hyperlink name as tooltip [Tibor Nagy]
    105. tdf#160198 Word wrapped through graphics/shape handled differently [Oliver Specht]
    106. tdf#160321 On GoSub statement does not work properly [Andreas Heinisch]
    107. tdf#160324 Column resize handle touch-target too small [Heiko Tietze]
    108. tdf#160371 Import filter xlsx does not replace MS intersect operator with LibreOffice intersect operator [Xisco Fauli, Eike Rathke]
    109. tdf#160382 Option to turn on Remote access not available [Dione Maddern]
    110. tdf#160518 DOCX: fix layout of hyphenated text by supporting allowHyphenationAtTrackBottom and useWord2013TrackBottomHyphenation [László Németh]
    111. tdf#160538 Quickfind sidebar: ordering of results, Text in fields and frames comes first [Jim Raykowski]
    112. tdf#160539 Quickfind sidebar: Words are cut-off at beginning and end [Jim Raykowski]
    113. tdf#160564 xlink:type="simple" should be valid in draw:object or chart:chart [Laurent Balland]
    114. tdf#160565 KDE/Qt UI - Program freezes after "save as" [Michael Weghorn]
    115. tdf#160591 FILESAVE PPTX: blue shape turns white, white text turns black [Tibor Nagy]
    116. tdf#160690 Animated GIF completely invisible in Edit mode (GIF has alpha-transparency) [Patrick Luby]
    117. tdf#160712 Bundled Impress templates should use placeholders instead of dummy text [Laurent Balland]
    118. tdf#160769 LibreOffice 24.2 Document recovery (from timed autoSave) doesn't restore all open files after crash [Justin Luth]
    119. tdf#160804 If the separator is different from the standard locale, stretching the determinant with the fill handle will change the separator and result in a different formula [Eike Rathke]
    120. tdf#160834 Unclear meaning of "Ignore pieces of length" [Heiko Tietze]
    121. tdf#160835 Unclear meaning of "a basic total population" [Rafael Lima]
    122. tdf#160844 Ctrl+F6 does not switch to (bring the focus back to) the document [Caolán McNamara]
    123. tdf#160884 Noto Color Emojis vertically misaligned in exported PDFs [Khaled Hosny]
    124. tdf#160897 FILEOPEN: layout loop, freeze in master document linked to subdocument [Michael Stahl]
    125. tdf#160909 [LOCALHELP] Update Help Page on Tools - Options - Calc - View, ref: cell edit mode background [Dione Maddern]
    126. tdf#160937 Document Properties pages in all modules do not fit screen and cannot be resized (gtk3/gtk4) [Heiko Tietze]
    127. tdf#160952 Unexpected top margin for paragraph at the top of non-first pages from DOCX [Miklos Vajna]
    128. tdf#160958 Hiding section covering at least two pages doesn't work properly [Mike Kaganski]
    129. tdf#160969 Tooltips for view options [Dione Maddern]
    130. tdf#160971 a11y: Editable comboboxes not properly announced by Orca [Michael Weghorn]
    131. tdf#160984 FILEOPEN DOCX: endnote is on separate page, not inline [Miklos Vajna]
    132. tdf#160985 16-digits integer values rounded to 15 digits when saving to OOXML .xlsx [Eike Rathke]
    133. tdf#161006 [UI] Calc - Format - Page Style has problems for KF5 and GEN VCL_PLUGINS [Thorsten Behrens]
    134. tdf#161020 Vertical Tab dialogs--initial size of the style dialog is too small [Thorsten Behrens]
    135. tdf#161030 Vertical Tab dialogs--width available for Tab name is too narrow with jumping view of Tab names [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    136. tdf#161035 Spinning wheel hang on MacOS when using the Zotero plugin. [Mike Kaganski]
    137. tdf#161047 Vertical Tab dialogs--Page style dialog is too small and not resizeable [Thorsten Behrens]
    138. tdf#161048 Background processes are left opened by LO Dev on Windows since 2024.05.08, only with OpenCL set ON, STR comments 24, 31. [Noel Grandin]
    139. tdf#161049 Vertical Tab dialogs--Format Cells dialog in recent 24.8 alpha is too small [Thorsten Behrens]
    140. tdf#161056 Show bullets used in current document in bullets dropdown [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    141. tdf#161057 [24.8] Changing dark/light application colour scheme in Draw and Impress does not switch text colour anymore in text boxes [Caolán McNamara]
    142. tdf#161073 libreoffice doesn't work with glib 2.80 [Caolán McNamara]
    143. tdf#161082 Print dialog: Put initial focus to "Printer" combobox [Heiko Tietze]
    144. tdf#161083 CRASH: closing the document [Miklos Vajna]
    145. tdf#161091 Document new bar-of-pie and pie-of-pie chart types [Dione Maddern]
    146. tdf#161092 Need better graphics for new bar-of-pie and pie-of-pie chart types [Rizal Muttaqin]
    147. tdf#161133 Date field in Table Control's read-only column can be edited with date picker [Caolán McNamara]
    148. tdf#161137 Inserting autotext converts style into direct formatting [Michael Stahl]
    149. tdf#161141 Build fails: ma_client_plugin.c: error: initialization of ‘struct st_mysql_client_plugin *’ from incompatible pointer type ‘struct st_mysql_client_plugin_AUTHENTICATION *’ [-Wincompatible-pointer-types] [Printf Debugging]
    150. tdf#161151 Complete the renaming of "Quadratic" and "Square" gradient types for transparency [Stéphane Guillou]
    151. tdf#161154 Text rendering problem in 24.8 on Windows with Skia disabled [Mike Kaganski]
    152. tdf#161172 UNDO incomplete: list level is not restored in a specific document [Mike Kaganski]
    153. tdf#161190 LibreOffice Calc crashes if you export a spreadsheet as PDF with "whole sheet export" option enabled. [Julien Nabet]
    154. tdf#161198 Negative / inverted highlight when hovering Navigator elements (or Draw tabs) no longer shown [Noel Grandin]
    155. tdf#161202 Hiding a section containing a table leads to unintended page breaks [Mike Kaganski]
    156. tdf#161204 Improve the outline of the active cell border [Rafael Lima]
    157. tdf#161209 Remove/replace the inappropriate marketing dialog/wizard on first run (as implemented for bug 159573) [Heiko Tietze]
    158. tdf#161210 some xls files take too much time to open in LO 7 and newer [LO 6 is ok] [Noel Grandin]
    159. tdf#161215 FILEOPEN DOCX Endless loop upon opening specific file with floating tables [Michael Stahl]
    160. tdf#161217 FILEOPEN DOCX Crash when opening specific file [Michael Stahl]
    161. tdf#161222 Labels not shown in chart in tiled rendering mode [Mike Kaganski]
    162. tdf#161234 Issues with the new cell outline in Calc 24.8 [Rafael Lima]
    163. tdf#161248 "Document Bullets" list duplicates items when applying a pre-existing bullet type [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
    164. tdf#161261 Instead of resizing, the image loses its original size in fixed-height table cell [Stephan Bergmann, László Németh]
    165. tdf#161288 Wrong Chinese upper number negative sign [Jeff Huang]
    166. tdf#161292 Windows MAR autoupdate breaks the whole application due to python version change [Stephan Bergmann]
    167. tdf#161293 Quickfind sidebar: Shortcut for the sidebar tab (alt+9) [Heiko Tietze]
    168. tdf#161301 The Japanese calendar format in the xlsx file created by MS Office disappears in Calc [Xisco Fauli, Eike Rathke]
    169. tdf#161309 AutoFill handle does not update cursor right after merging cells [Rafael Lima]
    170. tdf#161318 Unexpected page break, related to clearing break [Miklos Vajna]
    171. tdf#161319 Wrong title in side navigation for cell references pages [Dione Maddern]
    172. tdf#161322 Selected Calc cells not highlighted when transparency for selection is disabled [Noel Grandin]
    173. tdf#161327 LibreOffice does not handle dr3d:end-angle values correctly [Regina Henschel]
    174. tdf#161332 floating table is not selectable by the mouse, if it contains an image cropped by the right border [László Németh]
    175. tdf#161340 Print dialog: hiding drawing shapes no longer works [Gabor Kelemen]
    176. tdf#161354 Assertion failed when setting page (slide) position using a dialog in Notes view [Mike Kaganski]
    177. tdf#161360 fix lost cursor position at pressing Escape at image selection in text tables [László Németh]
    178. tdf#161368 Text wraps before page margins when page width exceeds 119 cm [Mike Kaganski]
    179. tdf#161395 "Whole numbers" is ambiguous [Heiko Tietze]
    180. tdf#161397 Issues with copy & pasting Arabic/Persian text with colored characters [Jonathan Clark]
    181. tdf#161413 BASIC help diagrams: bad clipping to page width [Ilmari Lauhakangas]
    182. tdf#161417 Endnotes at section end: DOC & RTF support [Miklos Vajna]
    183. tdf#161426 Clicking on cell content of column 2 selected the cropped image in a different cell [László Németh]
    184. tdf#161430 odp with duplicate stylenames doesn't display the same [Caolán McNamara]
    185. tdf#161443 Table text is cut off from DOCX (border / margin problem) [Miklos Vajna]
    186. tdf#161454 LET function, round-trip issue with ms sample for the function. [Balazs Varga]
    187. tdf#161457 Autofilter result is wrong when cells contain formatted rounded values [Balazs Varga]
    188. tdf#161467 Assertion in Impress when trying to insert a table (gtk4 only) [Julien Nabet]
    189. tdf#161488 Approving loading of a specific broken ODG package still fails [Mike Kaganski]
    190. tdf#161496 Names defined in LET() cannot be used for ranges in INDEX() [Balazs Varga]
    191. tdf#194504 qt avmedia: Don't wait for video frame if there's none [Michael Weghorn]


    This build contains these translation updates: [1]. See credits for each language.