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  • General for this Beta: parallel installation
    • This Beta release will install in parallel to your existing LibreOffice installation.

One person had problems with a particular font but cleared it by uninstalling the older version of Libreoffice. You might want to use the usual guide for installing the 3.5.0 alongside whatever you use normally.

  • Linux deb and rpm:
    • please, read detailed instructions for different distributions
    • the Linux packages can be installed in parallel to LibreOffice 3.4, but not run simultaneously - documents will be opened in the version you've started first.
  • Windows:
    • If you notice undesirable interactions between LibreOffice and, please report this as a bug.

Help files

  • The Windows multi-language installer as well as the langpacks do only contain localized UI. By default, LibreOffice uses online help - if you need help files on your disk, please install the helppack for your language. If there is no helppack for your language (because help has not been translated to your language), then you can install and use the English helppack or check the online help in any available language.

Reported Bugs

A list of annoying bugs still contained in this version is available from Bugzilla, the full list of reported bugs is here.

List of fixed bugs

Bugs fixed against Beta0


  • some minor customshape fixes i#158674 [Sven Jacobi]
  • 97: Connector shape fixes. bnc#719989 [Muthu Subramanian]
  •  ::dispose clears mpPresTimer before releaseTimer called rhbz#759647 [Caolan McNamara]
  • add support for Gtk+ print dialog i#106780 [David Tardon]
  • allow empty field labels in pivot tables. tdf#43304 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • allow filtering by error value. bnc#656073 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • aw084: Added code to mimic old behaviour and call user layout link when empty paragraph is rendered i#108052 [Armin Le Grand]
  • aw084: Removing DBG_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION since there is a valuable alternative alailable and not a general error happening i#116802 [Armin Le Grand]
  • aw084: use GetAllMarkedBoundRect instead of GetAllMarkedRect to get fat line support i#112978 [Armin Le Grand]
  • correctly convert chart data ranges. bnc#727504 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • disabled tests failing due to . tdf#43309 tdf#43304 tdf#43312 tdf#43308 [Stephan Bergmann]
  • don't shown the name of a reference field if it's empty tdf#43521 [Cedric Bosdonnat]
  • enable sc's c++ subsequenttests related to tdf#43308 [Markus Mohrhard]
  • finally return the real selected sheets, and use it. tdf#32826 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • fix crash tdf#42147 [Ivan Timofeev]
  • fix library layer mapping for the URELIB ones, tdf#42826 [Tor Lillqvist]
  • fixed Crash when closing document and several Spreadsheet documents open tdf#43614 [Eike Rathke]
  • fixed RTF import crash etc. tdf#42259 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • fixed freeze chart wizard with non-gregorian date tdf#40363 [Eike Rathke]
  • fixed pass count in Manage Breakpoints and crash in dialog tdf#42778 [Niklas Johansson]
  • fixed the print preview inconsistency. tdf#32826 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • fs34c: check first if value is null i#117666 [mst]
  • fs34c: when assigning events, only throw if there is an invalid type given, *not* if the type is correct, but the sequence is merely empty i#117625 [mst]
  • fully support external references in CELL function. tdf#43534 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • impress210: added missing commits from cws impressdefaults1 i#116846 [Christian Lippka]
  • impress210: adding uncommited changes from cws impressdefautls1 i#116846 [Christian Lippka]
  • impress210: clean up fill attributes if fill style changes i#50899 [Christian Lippka]
  • impress210: disconnect and reconnect to table style on change model in SdrTableObjImpl i#117319 [Christian Lippka]
  • impress210: fixed distinct shape and page id i#41995 [Christian Lippka]
  • impress210: fixed import of path animation from sxi files i#41995 [Christian Lippka]
  • impress210: put new drawing layer fill and stroke styles in pool only for newly created documents i#117133 [Christian Lippka]
  • impress210: set tooltip for items and some refactoring i#105310 [Ocke Janssen]
  • impress210: set zoom to fit_to_window i#115617 [Ocke Janssen]
  • impress210: use datetime to get current date i#106378 [Ocke Janssen]
  • impress210: using view contact to get bound rect for old path animation import i#41995 [Christian Lippka]
  • impressdefaults1: change default bullet symbol i#115996 [Christian Lippka]
  • incompatible change to solve uno problem related to tdf#43308 [Markus Mohrhard]
  • inline arm assembler is obsolete by now lp#726529 [Bjoern Michaelsen]
  • is fixed, tests can be re-enabled. tdf#43304 [Stephan Bergmann]
  • link icons to soffice.bin tdf#42979 [Andras Timar]
  • make --disable-unix-qstart-libpng really work tdf#36497 [Petr Mladek]
  • make macro recording work without experimental features tdf#41865 [August Sodora]
  • make sure to adjust the sheet index of drawing objects. bnc#733864 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • move initial focus to printer selection tdf#34641 [Ivan Timofeev]
  • optimize weak-char overriding tdf#43337 [Caolán McNamara]
  • partially support external refs in CELL function. tdf#43534 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • possible fix for tdf#43312 [Markus Mohrhard]
  • preserve selected sheets after print preview ended. tdf#32826 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • rTF import: fixed the handling of frame properties bnc#417818 [Cedric Bosdonnat]
  • reenable subsequent test tdf#35657 [August Sodora]
  • remove OOo and StarOffice icons from oxygen theme tdf#43233 [Andras Timar]
  • remove setCharAt and charAt from O[U]StringBuffer tdf#41474 [August Sodora]
  • reset tab index for SingleRefToVars() call. tdf#43534 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • revert "Make macro recording work without experimental features" tdf#41865 [August Sodora]
  • revert "temporary hack: soffice.bin should be type of GUI app, not CUI app " tdf#42914 [Andras Timar]
  • rotation needs to be done post flipping. bnc#719989 [Muthu Subramanian]
  • safeguard ourselves from potential crashes. tdf#43304 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • set the logic straight for "center across selection" setting. tdf#43308 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • shrink chart's source ranges to data area. tdf#39847 [Kohei Yoshida]
  • slidesorter1: # Update preview when text editing ends. i#117012 [mst]
  • slidesorter1: Fixed selection in slidesorter. i#114252 [mst]
  • slidesorter1: Outliner holds ViewShell as weak_ptr. i#116014 [mst]
  • slidesorter1: Temporarily reset StartWithActualPaget to make startWithArguments use FirstPage property. i#114107 [mst]
  • slidesorter1: Temporarily turning off slide tracking to avoid unwanted repositioning of visible area. i#116412 [mst]
  • store proper ODFF names, accept aliases i#106210 [Eike Rathke]
  • temporary hack: soffice.bin should be type of GUI app, not CUI app tdf#42914 [Andras Timar]
  • tkr41: # office crash fixed . (null pointer) + add unit test i#117828 [mst]


  • don't ignore empty TableCell Element, also check if it's a header tdf#42924 [Korrawit Pruegsanusak]