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    • the Linux and Mac packages can be installed in parallel to LibreOffice 4.2, but not run simultaneously - documents will be opened in the version you've started first.
    • the Windows package will update a previously installed version of LibreOffice

    New Features

    An in-progress list of features for this version is available here.

    Reported Bugs

    A list of annoying bugs still contained in this version is available from Bugzilla, the full list of reported bugs is here.

    List of fixed bugs

    Bugs fixed against 4.3.0 RC1:

    1. bnc#822625 Minimum height was not invalidated when rectangle changes. [Matúš Kukan]
    2. bnc#875715 fix reading of section margins [Luboš Luňák]
    3. bnc#878854 MSWord uses \xb for linebreaks in DB fields, take 2 [Luboš Luňák]
    4. bnc#882595 process VBA blobs before formula cells. [Kohei Yoshida]
    5. bnc#882631 do not hide top of the first row when editing text in table cells. [Matúš Kukan]
    6. collabora#1000071 fix broken redlines after undoing column count change [Luboš Luňák]
    7. tdf#33455 retain color on scaling of 1 bit depth pngs [Caolán McNamara]
    8. tdf#37401 fixed the old vector length [Hideki Ikeda]
    9. tdf#38513 accelerate non-poolable item add / remove. [Michael Meeks]
    10. tdf#39833 remove "Support assistive technology tools" checkbox from installer [Andras Timar]
    11. tdf#42747 limits need to multiplied by num of decimal places [Caolán McNamara]
    12. tdf#43277 send Legacy Report "E-Mail as ..."=>error message [Julien Nabet]
    13. tdf#51763 make title of dialog localisable [Joren De Cuyper]
    14. tdf#54155 Crash when playing with a Group inside a Group [Julien Nabet]
    15. tdf#56392 revert "fix hyphenation (remove fix..." [László Németh]
    16. tdf#58774 Alternative dialog Find & Replace for Writer [Julien Nabet]
    17. tdf#63378 enable Impress Remote Dialog menu item for all view shells. [Andrzej Hunt]
    18. tdf#65634 make sidebar react to resizes when floating [Caolán McNamara]
    19. tdf#71076 preserve number formats when charts are copied. [Kohei Yoshida]
    20. tdf#71558 notify mispelled word to accessibility [Jacobo Aragunde Pérez]
    21. tdf#71767 preserve number formats when charts are copied. [Kohei Yoshida]
    22. tdf#72157 webdav: Release WebDAV file lock on document close. [Matúš Kukan]
    23. tdf#74566 RTF export: don't loose page breaks [Miklos Vajna]
    24. tdf#74681 quick help may be used as accessible text [Jacobo Aragunde Pérez]
    25. tdf#75339 substituting XInterface* eq. for object eq. requires queryInterface [Stephan Bergmann]
    26. tdf#76160 calc invalid image position on zooming [Damien Chambe]
    27. tdf#76260 the wrong way to get a 10% win with an N^3 operation. [Michael Meeks]
    28. tdf#78080 use the correct default value, [Markus Mohrhard]
    29. tdf#78526 revert "Some problem on display of Hungarian sentence checking" [Julien Nabet]
    30. tdf#78758 sw: RTF export: don't export multiple \fldrst for one hyperlink [Michael Stahl]
    31. tdf#79012 wrong path to dictionaries [Caolán McNamara]
    32. tdf#79028 ungroup widgets and Show() them correctly [Katarina Behrens]
    33. tdf#79144 XY chart needs to set the X value property, [Markus Mohrhard]
    34. tdf#79151 no need to offset column index by category labels. [Kohei Yoshida]
    35. tdf#79372 revert "fix hyphenation (remove fix..." [László Németh]
    36. tdf#79427 after execute() a ResultSet is expected to be BeforeFirst [Lionel Elie Mamane]
    37. tdf#79615 create clipping polygon correctly [David Tardon]
    38. tdf#79733 fix icon's path [Andras Timar]
    39. tdf#79772 accept also one cell chart ranges for external data provider, [Markus Mohrhard]
    40. tdf#79851 accelerate non-poolable item add / remove. [Michael Meeks]
    41. tdf#80009 xmloff: ignore excessive fo:clip values [Michael Stahl]
    42. tdf#80014 vcl: fix drawing of linear gradients [Michael Stahl]
    43. tdf#80084 file driver PreparedStatement: close previous ResultSet on reexec [Lionel Elie Mamane]
    44. tdf#80140 inverted spell-check continue logic [Caolán McNamara]
    45. tdf#80160 PNG with 1-bit colormap only show black and white [Caolán McNamara]
    46. tdf#80167 RTF export: don't loose page breaks [Miklos Vajna]
    47. tdf#80200 use icons that are actually packed [Andras Timar]
    48. tdf#80295 mismatched icons in Chart Data Table dialog [Joren De Cuyper]
    49. tdf#80324 fix path of redline_tmpl.hrc [Andras Timar]
    50. tdf#80327 sound list box when non-English UI [Julien Nabet]
    51. tdf#80332 remove "Support assistive technology tools" checkbox from installer [Andras Timar]
    52. tdf#80422 check only one radio button in a group [David Tardon]
    53. tdf#80423 string resources not built and included [Caolán McNamara]
    54. tdf#80527 fix tab order on ReadyToInstall dialog [Andras Timar]
    55. tdf#80663 sw: fix crash on Undo of table row/column delete [Michael Stahl]
    56. tdf#80681 widget is not transparent [Caolán McNamara]
    57. tdf#80713 make 'Gif image', etc. translatable [Caolán McNamara]
    58. i#39528 fixed the old vector length [Hideki Ikeda]
    59. i#119307 widget is not transparent [Caolán McNamara]
    60. i#121410 secured usage of pTextGroup [Armin Le Grand]
    61. i#124935 fix expanded/condensed text breaking... [Herbert Dürr]
    62. i#125071 check SwFmt::GetItemState()'s ppItem parameter... [Herbert Dürr]
    63. i#125154 numbering too small on sample .doc import [Clarence Guo]