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This page to explain the role, the position of the members of The Document Foundation

The bylaws of membership are in the statutes [1], 
[2] under § 10 Board of Trustees, especially (1) a.), b.) and d.)

Vote for the official bodies, and if you so like stand for elections to be a part

  • As a member of The Document Foundation you are allowed to vote for the Board and the Membership Committee and of course to stand for election of these official bodies of TDF.

Thus you have influence on how TDF is governed, which is what you deserve as member, because you are a contributor to our community.

Free mail address

From July 1st 2013, members can have a free email address. See the announcement and detailed information.


  • You can be a member when you are contributing to LibreOffice / The Document Foundation. Contributing in the sense of doing work within the projects of The Document Foundation. This as explained in the statutes under § 10 Board of Trustees, especially (1) a.), b.) and d.) You are expected to do so 'regularly' and the work has to be 'non-trivial'.

Making a monetary contribution is appreciated too, and important for the success of our work. However membership and voting rights are, based on the principles of meritocracy, only open for people that actually work.


  • Membership needs to be renewed every year. The Membership Committee will send you a reminder for that.

When you are a member, its time to renew, but you have not contributed (for whatever reason) for more then three months, your membership cannot be renewed. Of course when you're again contributing, it's more then welcome to apply again for membership.