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This page is an introduction to The Document Foundation's statues. It gives an overview, so that one can go easily to relevant parts of the statues. Of course, there is no single legal claim or whatever that can be made based on the text of this wiki-page. Find details on the rights and tasks of members, board etc in the full statutes here: [1], [2].
General interesting for members is §10. But of course information about the board, elections, decisions etc may be interesting for you too.

Short description of the articles

§1, 2 and 3 are about the name, form, goal, means to achieve that goal and non-profit status of the foundation.
the goals are a detailed write out of goals that were set out with our Manifesto: see TDF overview & Manifesto

§4 and 5 are about the assets and use of investment return and donations, and state that money will be used for the foundations goal and not personal benefit

§6 gives general information on the Bodies of the Foundation (Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees, Membership Committee)

§7, 8, 9 handles details of the consistency, tasks, decisions, communication and work of the Board of Directors 7.2 handles elections

§10, 11 handles the Board of Trustees (membership), rules for becoming a member, duration of membership, etc. and rights and tasks of the Board of Trustees

§12 handles the composition and tasks of the Membership Committee

§13 is about the Advisory board

§14, 15 are about possible changes in statues etc.

§16 is about assets in case TDF would stop to exist

§17 is about relation with the authority