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Some remark on various items Cornouws (talk) 2014-07-23T04:56:52 (UTC)

1 Installation

1.1 Upgrade and updates through patches

This feature is available for Windows for users of LibreOffice-from-Collabora (nicely affordable) and maybe from others too?

2 Calc

2.1 Calc should warn user when a cell text represents a valid number

"Display - Value highlight", is not intuitive. OK.. There is another way to get those marked, but indeed also needs user understanding (which of course also is the case with cell markers. Seen enouh users that are unaware of these/the meaning..)

2.3 Insert a graphic into a Calc spreadsheet header or footer

So it is possible... but indeed less easy.

3 Writer

3.1 ... better "printing of comments" needed

Nicely done in 4.3 :) fdo#36815

5 All programmes

5.1 Save Child Window Visibility for each program separately

Current behaviour indeed is not nice, but...

6 Programming and extensibility

6.1 Improvements on the BASIC IDE for macro editing

Anyone tracked all that has been improved since this was placed on the wiki? Apart from that, a nicer IDE doesn't make writing real macro code in LibreOffice easier; it's mostly still for the people that know what they do .

6.2 Extensions UI should be disableable
6.3 Proxy authentication

Valid request, but how many really have (huge) trouble with that?

6.4 Digital Signature info availability

I would expect a better argumentation then 'It would be nice to ...'