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SF comments

(1) Arguments, third bullet point. Insert “is” before “less”.
(2) Arguments. Suggest re-word fourth bullet as follows – “If Start is not specified, the default value 0 is used. If End is not specified, the default value 1 is used.”.
(3) Arguments. Delete final bullet point – covered by the Syntax format.
(4) Examples. It seems nugatory to re-state the text from the Summary section in the Description field for the first two examples. Should description for third example start with an upper-case letter, and should “so” be replaced by a comma?
(5) General. Is it possible for the function to fail to find a value within the defined Start/End range? If so, what happens?

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-05T22:04:01 (UTC)


  • 1-4 points addressed
  • For 5th point, upto my knowledge I didn't see any case where all parameters qualify and function gives error or something unexpected. Given a value for probability, BETA.INV seeks that value x such that BETA.DIST(x, alpha, beta, TRUE, A, B) = probability. Thus there doesn't appear any unknown AFAIK.