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SF comments

(1) Summary. Change “meets” to “meet”.
(2) Returns. Suggest replacing with “Returns a real value which is the maximum value contained in cells of the specified ranges meeting their corresponding criteria.”.
(3) Arguments, 3rd bullet. Should “qualifies the Criterion” be replaced by “satisfies its criterion”?
(4) Arguments, bullets. Are cells within Range 1 … Range 255 that contain text (and satisfy their associated criterion) ignored when calculating the maximum value?
(5) Arguments, general. I think only one error condition is mentioned, i.e. Func_Range and Range 1, Range 2, etc not having the same size. Are there any other obvious error conditions?
(6) Additional details, 1st paragraph. In the text “regular expression on and off”, “expression” should be plural.
(7) Examples, simple usage, 1st example. Something wrong here, the maximum vale that is less than 35 must be 20. Please review and revise.
(8) Examples, Using regular expressions and nested functions, 1st example. Does the second row not satisfy the criteria too?
(9) Examples, Using regular expressions and nested functions, 2nd example. The text “except its maximum” is not correct – the condition as written does not rule out the maximum value. Also, with the condition as written, both the second and third rows meet the criteria.
(10) Examples, Reference to a cell as a criterion. This example only works if regular expressions are enabled. The previous example had wildcards enabled, which may cause confusion unless a statement is made.

--Stevefanning (talk) 2020-10-26T20:17:36 (UTC)