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Hi Dennis

I think you're aware (the page is under construction...). I just wanted to inform you that the link is in English in the menu Between "Accueil" (Home) and "Modifications récentes" (Recent Changes) there is "GetInvolved" (could be "Participer" in french) Thanks for you work :) Pierre-yves samyn (talk) 2014-06-09T07:32:22 (UTC)

Hi Pierre,
yes the page is still under construction and I'm aware that nothing works correctly at the moment. It was just a "look we could do something like that" within a discussion on our German community weekend. I see a technical limitation at the moment, but this can only be fixed by installing the translate extension which is still on our todo-list. I guess within a few weeks we (Alex werner and I) can go a few big steps to resolve many tasks... Sadly he was ill this weekend. So stay tuned - we will find a solutions. :-)
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-06-09T13:52:19 (UTC)

Other ways to contribute

  • I saw the Document Liberation Project was asking for sample files on their facebook page. Maybe this is something that can be added here as well? --Kerwyn (talk) 2015-12-16T16:09:24 (UTC)
  • Maybe a link to the donations page as well? --Kerwyn (talk) 2015-12-16T16:11:54 (UTC)