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Adding more details to the instructions

OS = Windows 7 Pro. SP1 x64 LibreOffice Parallel Install Version: LibreOffice_5.2.4.2_Win_x64.msi

I just tried following the instructions provided and step-by-step everything went fine until I followed the instructions for the Installation Cleanup. In those instructions I hit the part:

"So if you wish to recover this wasted space, you can remove the folder "<installed>\readmes", "<installed>\fonts", and "<installed>\Win" OR "<installed>\Windows"."

When I looked I could not find a folder "Win" or "Windows". On that basis I think the instructions there need amended to record that the Win or Windows folders may not exist (i.e. never get created on (parallel) install). I'm assuming that the information was correct at some point in time for older versions of LibreOffice and that it just doesn't apply any more.

Also in the instructions section User Configuration it states that:

"To start the application, run "soffice.exe" from explorer or from link on desktop."

Personally I don't like to launch LibreOffice by that means. I much prefer launching the components Writer, Calc, Base, etc. directly. However, the instructions don't say if this should or should not be done. To test this I created a link on the desktop to "swriter.exe" and launched using that link. As best as I could tell this went absolutely fine - there was no indication that Writer was reading its settings from my user files for the fully, (normally) installed to my system, copy of LibreOffice. In that respect I think the instructions should be amended to state that it is okay to launch LibreOffice components directly for the parallel install - it is not essential to only launch via "soffice.exe".

I have only just joined The Document Foundation and don't know if I have permissions to alter the instructions myself. Also I'm not a LibreOffice guru and I don't know if what I have said is correct or not. On that basis I would hope that someone more knowledgeable would alter the instructions if what I am saying is correct.

Lastly, it looks like when I type here that my browser dictionary isn't scanning the text for mis-spelt words. Isn't that a bit off for a wiki?. Really spellchecking should be enabled when entering text. Radish 2017-01-21T15:52:01 (UTC)

Please make the edits yourself. Please also look at the MediaWiki help on Talk pages (entering your signature etc.) I have modified your post to make it look signed. Beluga (talk) 2017-01-22T09:19:15 (UTC)

Will Edit in Next Few Days

Okay, thank you Beluga. I will try editing the document in the next few days. Radish (talk) 2017-01-22T14:51:14 (UTC)