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JBFaure 2015-01-26: PDF and ODG are _not_ image formats but document formats. I think they should be removed from the table "Image Support in LibreOffice".

While perhaps technically true, I think that end users see PDF and ODG as image formats, and often want to embed or reuse them in the same way that they might use a JPEG. Let me think about the best way to split those out. Qubit (talk) 2015-01-27T23:01:49 (UTC)

I think this table should be splited in 3 tables : bitmap images (like photos or scans), vectors graphics (svg, eps) and publication documents (PS, PDF). It is easy to extract a page from a PDF as an image and insert this image in a document. Under Linux (and MacOS ?) you have to use pdftoppm command. You can convert the ppm to the image format you prefer. If it is not done already, it should be explained in the FAQ. An issue with the current table is that the reader see big red areas that gives him to think that the image formats are not well supported while the standard image formats are all green.

Sounds great! Please go ahead and split up the table, and I'll be happy to review the results afterwards. Please stub-in a section about using pdftoppm on the Media_support page, or link to something existing in the Documentation. Qubit (talk) 2015-01-28T12:21:57 (UTC)