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Ping me here... (I'm watching this page).

Replacement of bugs.freedesktop --> bugs.libreoffice


a few months ago I used AWB to replace many general stuff with that automated program. I would replace all links found here (and the https variant) automated, but it seems that AWB is turned off now for editing this wiki.

Any chance to turn it on again (maybe with a special flag like getting a special bot-account)?

Regards Dennis Roczek (talk) 2013-11-16T13:43:25 (UTC)

Hi Dennis,

I've avoided using a bot to change the wiki as there are some corner cases like meta pages (e.g. explaining our relationship w/, User pages, and some mostly-immutable pages (e.g. minutes from meetings) that I'm unsure about changing. What do you think -- should we change everything?

Qubit (talk) 2013-11-16T18:03:18 (UTC)
Actually for that case AWB can be run in supervised mode so that you have to click "save" before every edit (or modify the search sting using e.g. a regex and replace only the desired links).
I was / wanted to replace only the bugs.fdo links to bugs.libo. I believe this is a straight forward task as user pages should moved also (either by bot or manually over time), ETC too, but I'm not sure about the relationship pages (any example?).
So overall:most can be safely transformed (most are bugs or bug lists of a component) and qualified to be done a bot (e.g. only replacing$1)...
I have pinged floeff by mail if he knows if (or why) awb was disabled / blocked. Dennis Roczek (talk) 2013-11-16T21:16:28 (UTC)
Sounds good -- feel free to cc me in emails w/floeff. Qubit (talk) 2013-11-16T22:31:53 (UTC)
I've added an optional param to the {{fdo|1234|(optional) Text goes here}} Template. It would be very slick if each [ Bug report 1234] could be turned into {{fdo|1234|Bug report 1234}}. (or in many cases, just {{fdo|1234}}, the user-specified link text doesn't say anything beyond the bug #
Qubit (talk) 2013-11-17T17:22:30 (UTC)
(using AWB!) CleanupBot (run by DennisRoczek) 2013-11-18T15:09:37 (UTC)
How does that edit look like? Any concerns running this first task? (replacing only all bug ticket links supervised)
Task #2 would be running the rest of links which aren't any bug links. I'm ready and prepared for going through all pages now. Dennis Roczek (talk) 2013-11-18T15:24:49 (UTC)
The first edit looks great. Please proceed w/task #1 and ping me when you're done (email is fine). Do the bot edits show up in the global recent changes changelog? If not, I guess I can see them by searching for contribs for that particular user... Thanks! Qubit (talk) 2013-11-18T15:51:47 (UTC)
Actually they can be turned on!
Hide minor edits | Hide bots | Hide anonymous users | Hide logged-in users | Hide my edits
Hi Show bots (in the preferences they can be turned on by default I believe). Regards, Dennis Roczek (talk) 2013-11-18T16:24:50 (UTC)
Neat. Can I use that in IRC to hide Joren? ;-) Qubit (talk) 2013-11-18T16:35:19 (UTC)
Well, simply quite Joren. :-d (or write a script :D)
How about such edits/pages (irc logs)?
Most (not all!) links to bugzilla entries were replaced (some didn't finished, time out; missed maybe the insecure variant of the bugzilla.fdo (or was it the secure one?))
I have to recheck AWB when I'm at home and restart. I will additional add a replacement for \[https?://bugzilla\.freedesktop\.org/ bugzilla\] to Bugzilla. Dennis Roczek (talk) 2013-11-19T08:16:09 (UTC)


nearly done (the bug tickets are included by web feeds and not changeable by, see also my edit at the proposal page) Other edits need to get checked maunally by me (I believe, didn't checked what the bot logged) Dennis Roczek (talk) 2013-11-22T21:19:51 (UTC)
BTW: I have removed many transclusions of the FDO migration template (see Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Fdo-migration). For the case you wanted to cleanup the pages more than I did, you can track the pages in my contributions until this edit. ;-) Dennis Roczek (talk) 2015-03-18T18:11:09 (UTC)

email ping test

and is the user name now displayed in the mail? Dennis Roczek (talk) 2015-05-31T17:56:07 (UTC)