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We're currently using Bugzilla as our bug tracker for LibreOffice.

Want to file a bug or propose an enhancement?

For bugs about the LibreOffice software, please use Bugzilla.

The bug tracker


You can customize the CSS Style of Bugzilla using this page.


Some interesting statistics about Bugzilla can be found on our Statistics page.


Documentation is largely organized by Field and by Component:

There's also an FAQ for everything else:

We sometimes run into trouble with improper MIME types for attachments. See this page:

People sometimes have questions about Reports:

There is a planning page for bugzilla at QA/How to Improve Bugzilla. Feel free to help.

Data export

Sometimes we want to extract data from Bugzilla for analysis, triage, etc. There are many approaches:

Related: We have a Twitter account for Bugzilla: