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This page is about the Components in Bugzilla.

Getting Started

When filing a bug, please select an appropriate Component for your report.

When you find a problem please check whether only the application where you found it is affected or whether it is a general problem for all (or at least several) LibreOffice applications. The makeup words (blends) for the subcomponents should help to distinguish these subcomponents from other meanings of the words in it.


SLIDESHOW <-> "drag and drop SLIDE will SHOW ugly artifacts".



Want to help out with bug triage? Have a hankering for database wizardry, drawing charts, or just good old word processing with Writer?

Add your name in the Adopt-a-component column below to show your commitment to triaging bugs in that category. We're aiming to see all UNCONFIRMED bugs get a response within 1 week, and be triaged within 2 weeks, so helping to identify particular individuals who can help with a certain component will give us the power we need to meet our goals!

Component Table

Note: Whenever changing Component names in the backend, make sure to test the QA/Bugzilla/Development#Dependent_Services Dependent Services, to make sure that nothing breaks

Information about Bugzilla Components
Name UNCONFIRMED Bugs Adopt‑a‑Component Description
Android Viewer bugs Robinson Tryon the LibreOffice Viewer app for Android
BASIC bugs programming using the Basic language
Chart bugs Raal data charts and plots
contrib bugs to be used if you want to contribute tools, templates, or something similar to LibreOffice
Base bugs the database application LibreOffice Base
deletionrequest bugs Robinson Tryon for bugs which have been created only for testing Bugzilla or the Bug Submission Assistant
Documentation bugs Sophie for problems with LibreOffice user guides
Draw bugs the drawing application LibreOffice Draw
Extensions bugs for problems with extensions that were caused by LibreOffice code changes; bug reports concerning the Extensions website belong to Redmine
filters and storage bugs import and export code, and I/O infrastructure shared between applications; mostly interesting for developers
Formula Editor bugs the formula editor, which is probably LibreOffice Math
framework bugs the application frameworkWikipedia logo v3.svg, ie. code shared between applications not part of the graphical toolkit pieces
graphics stack bugs the VCL toolkit, drawing layer, and all non-print specific rendering functionality, interesting for developers
Installation bugs for problems with installing LibreOffice
LibreOffice bugs to be used if you can't find any other appropriate component
Linguistic bugs for problems with spell check, right-to-left, hyphenation, or the thesaurus, not specific to one language
Localization bugs Sophie for all problems that are related to a particular language version of LibreOffice, localized Help packages, and LibreOffice Help. Alternatively you can use one of the other components and set the l10n subcomponent.
Impress bugs the presentation application LibreOffice Impress
Printing and PDF export bugs for general problems with Printing or PDF export that are not limited to a single application (like WRITER or CALC)
sdk bugs the UNO runtime environment, UNO API and SDK, interesting for developers
Calc bugs Raal the spreadsheet application LibreOffice Calc
UI bugs for problems concerning User Interface. You should also use this component if your problem affects more than 1 Application or if you can't decide what the correct component might be.
ux-advise bugs The Design Team to be used only by QA staff or developers
Writer bugs the word processor LibreOffice Writer


How to use subcomponents

On BugReport Details lots of subcomponents are listed with links to Bugzilla Search and Bugzilla bug submission. In the following you find hints for what kind of problems what Subcomponents should be used in the Bugzilla Subject line. In the following listing a click on the Subcomponent heading will start a Bugzilla query for that subcomponent.


Use for instance, if the configuration of LibreOffice applications (WRITER, DRAW, CALC, ...) is broken or if the Installation associates file extensions wrongly.


For all problems related to opening documents, as well as for problems when opening non-ODF file types like MS-Office, XHTML or XML, Picture formats like PNG, SVG, WMF, ... . Please generally mention the document type and if known and appropriate the Version of the document or of the software with what it has been created in parenthesis. Examples:

  • CRASH when FILEOPEN particular XLSX (MSO2007)
  • FILEOPEN particular .CDR (X6) shows ...


For all problems related to saving documents, as well as for problems when exporting to the file types XHTML or XML and Picture formats like PNG, SVG, WMF, ...


For problems with the LibreOffice Mailmerge function from menu 'Tools -> Mail Merge Wizard' or with the Form Letter function in menu 'File -> Print'.


For PDF export problems only visible in one component like Drawing, Presentation, Spreadsheet or Writer. In DRAW together with FILEOPEN for PDF import problems.


For all text direction Right To Left related problems. If the problem is limited to a particular localization or language, please add localization or language in square brackets like [AR] in the summary line. We have Bug tdf#43808 - (rtl-meta) Meta bug for Most Annoying RTL related issues.


For problems only visible during running presentation, but ok in Presentation edit mode. Also appropriate for problems visible in custom animation preview.


Use, if document contents are not shown (correctly) on the screen, but print and PDF export look ok. An additional indication might be that other LibreOffice or OpenOffice versions correctly show the contents on screen, meaning it's not a problem with the document itself.