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    This page was marked as inactive and is retained for historical reference.
    BSA is retired

    The following hints should help you to use the various Bugzilla selections and input panes in the correct way. Please also mention hints on BugReport!

    Maybe you want to try the Bug Submission Assistant? You also reach it from LibreOffice menu Help ▸ Feedback.

    • If you want to report a bug, first click the appropriate Subcomponent under the component (if already available, work in progress) to search Bugzilla, maybe your problem has already been reported. Tooltips help to distinguish link-functions.
      • leads to Help for Subcomponents
      • If you did not find a bug report concerning your problem, click ► behind the Subcomponent to reach a prepared Submission page; you will have to complete the Subject line, select your OS and LibreOffice #Version and, of course, to add your report.
      • If you found a report concerning your problem, maybe you can add useful information from your investigations?


    Selection Guide

    General hints

    Please don't mix up key words for Subject line from this page with the Keywords in Bugzilla selection.

    Some hints how to use Subject Line Key Words:

    • upper case will be visible enough for most key words, square brackets only are useful if the key word can be confused with parts of a word ("... unable to qUIt ...")
    • Use 2 key maximum
    • Use key words exactly identical to the letter, but you may integrate them into the subject line sentence like"WIKIHELP [UI] not available in all Languages"

    Initial state


    You can find general information concerning bug fixing workflow and related Bug status here.

    In accordance to hints in our Bugzilla, please use UNCONFIRMED if you are not absolutely sure that you really found a general problem and that it's not limited to your PC, that it has not been already reported, that it's a real bug and not a feature, ...

    You will have to make Advanced Fields visible to see the status picker. If you reach the bug submission page from This Wiki, UNCONFIRMED will be selected by default.

    Please also decide for UNCONFIRMED if you only can report the effect without complete background information. It's really important to release developers from such basic research. So an overcautious UNCONFIRMED generally is better than an overhasty NEW.

    A sample for a bug report that better should have had UNCONFIRMED as initial state is tdf#31754, please see how much information has been gathered additionally to the original report.
    Reports with status Unconfirmed will be checked by other users, if the problem is reproducible with a current version, considered as a real bug and description is complete the status will be set to NEW.

    If you can't reproduce a problem although you tested with an identical system configuration like the reporter and see a serious suspect that current Status NEW is incorrect (for example because there might be no real bug, but some user error), please leave a comment!

    Status NEEDINFO

    This status is not available for new bugs. Should be used for existing bugs if more information is required from reporter or commenters before bug fixing can be started and before the Bug has been assigned. More details here!

    How to reopen Bugs
    • If you do not have much experience in Bugzilla, please only write your suspect that the bug reappeared in a comment. Someone from QA or a developer will take care.
    • If the bug is on Status FIXED, please check very carefully whether you really observe that the old bug reappeared (that happens really seldom) or whether you only observe very similar symptoms as mentioned in the FIXED bug. For your tests please exactly reproduce the step by step instruction of the original report with tne new LibO Version. If you are not a very experienced user or if there is any little doubt, please submit a new Bug report and mention your suspect in the report (citing old FIXED Bug number).
    • If the old bug is on Status WORKSFORME feel free to reopen after you checked carefully that you really observe the reported bug and whether your LibreOffice Version can contain the FIX therefore check the Whiteboard target information!).
    • In any case please contribute a detailed step by step instruction how to reproduce your result that the problem has reappeared.