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This page contains some useful/helpful statistics about our installation of Bugzilla.


New reports in the past week



  • Organized by reporter, component, and version: Bar Chart - (2013/04 - Not sure that this query is working properly)



by time

by version

LibreOffice 5.1

LibreOffice 5.2

LibreOffice 5.3

LibreOffice 5.4

LibreOffice 6.0

ESC meetings

File:QA-Stats-Apr-2018.ods contains the stats extracted from the ESC meetings from January 2016 up to now contains the following information:

  • Unconfirmed bugs
  • Open regressions
  • Total regressions
  • Open bibisected bugs
  • Total bibisected bugs
  • Open bisected bugs
  • Total bisected bugs

The document has:

  • One sheet containing all the information colleted from January 2016 up to now.
  • One sheet per each trimester of the year.

NOTE: This information has been extracted manually from the ESC minutes sent weekly to the dev mailling list.

Weekly Report

Blog Post

* Link to Part 1
* Link to Part 2