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Google Documents Bug Groups

Shouldn't we drink our own champagne and do that with LibO ODF documents? After a Fix for Bug tdf#57765 - FILEOPEN via FTP from Server causes General Error and short discussion with infrastructure team that should be possible without bigger problems. -- Rainer Bielefeld 2013-02-02T11:40:41 (UTC)

Add a 'General Goals' Section

IMHO, this page should also tell about the goals of Bug Triage.

General Goals (Proposal)

Bug Triage is an intermediate step between reporter and developer. Therefore it should help achieve following goals:

  • "Clean up" incomplete or bad reports
  • Set correct status, add Keyword, Whiteboard entries
  • Confirm bugs
  • Remove insecurities, add clarification.
    • If not possible, challenge more info from reporter
  • Provide most accurate possible info for devs to reproduce and narrow down a bug
  • Reduce duplicate reports
  • Escalate important bugs properly to enhance visibility for devs
    • and of course, downgrade less important bugs where necessary
  • ???