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Intro address / appellation

I realise that these responses have been written with a view to make them as friendly as possible to the uninitiated, but in honesty I think all the leading address / appellation lines can be dispensed with. These are technical reports, rather than letters to dear friends. By all means thank people for their effort, but "Hello [user's name]," seem unnecessary IMO. That may sound cold-hearted but it needs to be remembered that the less editing required for these standard responses the better, especially for people doing this on a frequent basis. -- User:Oweng


AFAICT the bugzilla text width is around 91 characters, unless content is set in certain styles. Currently the entries on this page run well off beyond the right-hand margin, despite the use of:

<pre style="word-wrap: break-word;">

Is there some reason why the content needs to be set in pre elements? -- User:Oweng