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I have a couple of questions, sorry ... :(

1. Should the paragraph
monitor the pre-announcement mails on the mailing list
in section 2.1 either link to the tdf-early ( or to the QA list (, as the above is a link to the dev list?
2. In 2.2 there is the description for MozTrap with its links. Is it really used nowadays? I wanted to test 4.1.2 RC3 in it yesterday, but the last tests I found were 4.0.3 RC$something related ... :( Especially, as mentions Litmus in "Manual Testing (advanced task)" and links to, where
Litmus is no longer used by the community. We now use MozTrap instead.
indicates, that this is not used anymore, I find the information a little bit disturbing ... :(
3. Why do both "priority" words links to the same location in 2.3? Would it not be better to link the whole "priority 1 and priority 2" to
Sorry for the inconvenience, I have caused with my corrections ... :(
--tha 2013-10-01T14:58:38 (UTC)