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Android port. Hello, you placed a link to the development page of the android port. However, as there are several unofficial libreoffice ports to android, could you also put a link to the "official" (if any exists) port of Android? I assume that an entry in Google Play or at least an apk exists, but I could not find any reference either in this page or in the "download" section of the site.


This is the third bugfix release of the 5.0.x branch of LibreOffice which contains new features and program enhancements.
Under 5.0.3 there is "only" a list of bug fixes with a reference to an in progress list of features, which is a complete list of all features contained in 5.0.x. I was looking for something more granular: more precisely: what changed from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3 with regard to the mentioned "new features"? Or, as I would expect, are there really no new features added in minor releases and is the cited announcement text from the LO site simply a standard text?
  • Unless I am mistaken minor releases do not provide new functionality. What this phrase means is that the 5 branch of LibreOffice brings new features compared the 4. branch. Pierre-yves samyn (talk) 2015-11-28T06:31:18 (UTC)