LibreOffice 5.0: Release Notes

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    About this page

    This is the page with our 5.0 release notes. It should be final now that the 5.0 version itself has been released. However, if you spot any missing or incorrect information, then please let us know. Thanks in advance for your help!


    Emoji and in-word replacement support

    Modern graphical operating systems have default Unicode 6 support with several Emojis and other useful special characters. LibreOffice 5 has got a new AutoCorrect extension to simplify Emoji and other Unicode character input using de facto standard Emoji shortcodes, and other keywords surrounded by colons.
    For example: typing the following shortnames in Writer, :keyboard: will be replaced by ⌨ (U+2328), :camera: by 📷 (U+1F4F7), :alpha: by α. See full shortcode list in Tools ▸ AutoCorrect ▸ AutoCorrect Options… ▸ Replace:

    AutoCorrect dialog window with default Emoji short names and Unicode Emoji characters (using standard Windows Segoe UI Emoji font)

    The colon-separated names are handled specially by AutoCorrect feature of LibreOffice: they are replaced immediately within words, too (no need to press space after words). This is useful to add custom character replacements for typography, phonology, mathematics etc. Some of them are there in the default replacements:

    :-: → − (minus, U+2212)
    :--: → – (n-dash, U+2013) (see tdf#55292)
    :---: → — (m-dash, U+2014) (see tdf#55292)
    :x: → × (times, U+00D7)
    :': → ’ (apostrophe, U+2019)
    :inch: → ″ inch (U+2033)

    Example for multiple replacements:

    :alpha::<=::sum::Phi::_i: → α≤∑Φᵢ

    The default shortcodes have been localized completely or partially for the first version of LibreOffice 5.0. (László Németh, Collabora and translators of LibreOffice project: Mihail Balabanov (Bulgarian), Joan Montané (Catalan), Mihovil Stanić (Croatian), Stanislav Horáček (Czech), Leif Lodahl (Danish), Kees538 (Dutch), Harri Pitkänen (Finnish), Jean-Baptiste Faure (French), Dimitris Spingos (Greek), László & Réka Németh (Hungarian), Valter Mura (Italian), Ingmārs Dīriņš (Latvian), Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Norwegian Nynorsk), Sérgio Marques (Portuguese), Olivier Hallot (Brazilian Portuguese), Nagy Ákos (Romanian), Bormant (Russian), Miloš Šrámek (Slovak), Martin Srebotnjak (Slovenian), Stuart Swales (British English), Niklas Johansson (Swedish), Necdet Yucel (Turkish) and their contributors, see also more)

    Style previews in the Sidebar

    Styles & Formatting deck of the Sidebar now displays a preview of the available styles. ca95307638207db5d662059aa61594151a13e927
    (Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora)

    LO 4.4-5.0 Sidebar Style.jpeg
    • There is an option to choose for disabling the preview of styles. Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Advanced ▸ Expert Configuration ▸ Styles and Formatting .. Preview tdf#91495 (Tomaž Vajngerl)
    91495 StylesAndFormatting PreviewInExpertOptions.png

    Word-compatible text highlighting

    • Both highlighting and shading are preserved during import / export of Microsoft Word documents. tdf#64490 (Tamás Zolnai)
    • New compatibility option to specify how to export LibreOffice character background to Microsoft Office file formats: as highlighting or as shading. tdf#64490 (Tamás Zolnai)
    To use this option, go to Tools ▸ Option ▸ Load/Save ▸ Microsoft Office. For more information see this blog post
    New Microsoft Office compatibility option

    Crop an image

    It is now possible to crop an image with the mouse. Action is accessible through contextual menu entry : Crop image, Format ▸ Image ▸ Crop menu entry and Graphic toolbar. tdf#34555 (Philippe Jung)

    Standard behavior apply:

    • dragging from a center edge crops only vertically or horizontally,
    • dragging from a corner crops where the mouse cursor is,
    • dragging with ⇧ Shift pressed forces a crop rectangle proportional to original image size.
    • crop is preserved during image resizing,
    • crop mode stops when you press Esc or you click anywhere outside the cropped image.
    Cropping an image in Writer

    Better calculation of displayed page number

    Another issue inherited from—which caused Writer’s status bar to display the incorrect page number when scrolling—has been fixed in LibreOffice. Writer will now update the page indicator when less than the 43% of a page is visible on-screen. tdf#90150 i#80672 Thanks to: Hamidi Massinissa.

    Table Management

    • Inserting rows or columns is affected by a user's pre-selection, similar to Calc. tdf#90883 (Philippe Jung)
    • Ability to add rows and columns before the current cursor position through the context menu. tdf#90882 (Philippe Jung, Yousuf Philips)

    Toolbar improvements

    Additional improvements have gone into the “Standard”, “Formatting”, “Drawing” and contextual toolbars to provide users with frequently used commands. tdf#81475 (Yousuf Philips)

    DOC improvements

    Import of annotated text ranges from binary DOC format was a problem for quite some time, now it should be as good as it always was in the ODT/DOCX/RTF filter. i#93570 blog entry (Miklós Vajna, Collabora)

    Overlapping DOC comments imported correctly.

    OOXML improvements

    Improved support for the arcTo command in OOXML shapes described using drawingML. tdf#87448 blog entry (Miklós Vajna, Collabora)

    arcto drawingML commands now rendered correctly.

    RTF improvements

    • Old-style (pre-2010 for RTF, pre-2007 for DOCX) math equations embedded into text documents should be now imported as editable embedded math objects. blog entry (Miklós Vajna, Collabora)
    MathType blob embedded inside RTF can now be edited as a Math object.

    Image Drag and Drop

    Dragging and dropping images into Writer on macOS works. tdf#44621 (Manik Malhotra)

    Optional RSIDs

    In case RSIDs are not useful in a workflow, they can now be disabled in Tools ▸ Options ▸ Writer ▸ Comparison. tdf#68183 (Miklós Vajna, Collabora)

    New disable RSIDs option

    LibreLogo: joining arbitrary points

    In the vector-based LibreLogo, now it’s possible to join arbitrary number of points using the command POINT with CLOSE and FILL in PENUP mode.

    Drawing a chord is quite easy: CIRCLE 150 PENUP FORWARD 75 POINT BACK 75 RIGHT 60 FORWARD 75 POINT CLOSE
    A sheriff badge drawn in LibreLogo (source code)


    • Item labels in Pivot Tables can be repeated now. This is optional. When you create a pivot table, double-click on the desired field in the list "Row fields". In the dialog box "Data Field", then click button "Options". In the next dialog box, select "Repeat item labels". Click OK. tdf#87972 (Deena Francis) Screenshot

    Conditional formatting

    • UI for Data bars with a solid background. (feature without UI has been available since 3.6) tdf#87356 (Katarina Behrens)
    Left: data bars with gradient; right: data bars with solid color
    • UI for Data bars without showing their underlying values. (feature without UI has been available since 3.6) tdf#89199 (Katarina Behrens)
    Left: data bars with value; right: data bars without value
    • Minimum and maximum bar lengths for data bars (available for vertical axis set to Middle or None) tdf#90197 (Benjamin Ni and Markus Mohrhard)
    Above: data bar with 50% max length; below: data bar with 100% max length
    • Additional icon sets: 3 triangles, 3 stars, 5 boxes (Markus Mohrhard)

    Improvements for XLSX

    • Export of formatting for conditional formatting to XLSX fixed. (Markus Mohrhard)
    • Import of Data bars and Color Scales color values handles theme colors. tdf#90511 (Markus Mohrhard)
    • Import and export of custom icon set definitions (including MSO extensions to OOXML) (no UI) (Markus Mohrhard)

    Scientific Format and Number Format

    (Laurent Balland-Poirier and Eike Rathke)

    • Engineering notation: tdf#30716
      • enable exponent multiple of 3 (or other value) with format ##0.00E+00: set the number of digits (# or 0) before decimal separator.
      • add format ##0.00E+00 to scientific format list in UI dialog Format ▸ Cells ▸ Numbers ▸ Scientific for all localizations.
      • replace Thousands separator checkbox with Engineering notation for scientific formats. tdf#90258
    New Engineering notation option
    • General format using scientific, and default scientific format, keep 2 minimum digits (instead of 3) in exponent for all localizations. tdf#88835
    • Trend line equation with 1 minimum digit in exponent (instead of 3). tdf#88835
    • Add/remove decimal digits of scientific format: with buttons Add Decimal Place/Delete Decimal Place tdf#88960; with Sidebar: Properties ▸ Number Format ▸ Decimal places tdf#88999; with UI dialog Format ▸ Cells ▸ Numbers ▸ Decimal places. tdf#88999
    • Allow variable decimal with format 0.0##E+00 for scientific numbers and 0.0## for numbers (decimal part can contain some 0 and then some #). This format is now correctly saved in ODF files. tdf#90133
    • Sign of exponent can be skipped for positive exponent with format 0.00E00 (remove sign after E). This format is now correctly saved in ODF files. tdf#90133

    Formula engine

    Table structured references

    tdf#85063 (Eike Rathke)

    • Table structured references in spreadsheet formula expressions are imported from OOXML spreadsheet documents.
    • Usable with defined database ranges, which OOXML tables (content of <table> elements) are imported to.
    • The following restrictions apply:
      • The column names must be present as cell content in the table's header row; column-header-less tables are not supported.
      • Saving to ODF or OOXML, structured references are not written, but transformed to A1 style reference notation instead. The references continue to work, but the table context is lost on export.
      • Saving to OOXML, the defined database ranges are not exported as <table> elements.
      • Saving to binary .xls (Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Format), formulas using table structured references are lost.

    New spreadsheet functions

    • Changes related to FLOOR and CEILING spreadsheet functions. tdf#69552 (Winfried Donkers and Eike Rathke)
      • The second parameter of FLOOR and CEILING is now optional, as defined by OpenFormula (ODFF).
      • Additional FLOOR.XCL and CEILING.XCL functions were introduced that expect only two parameters and both parameters have to be specified. When importing Microsoft Excel documents, their old FLOOR and CEILING functions are imported as FLOOR.XCL and CEILING.XCL
      • New functions FLOOR.MATH and CEILING.MATH were added for Microsoft Excel interoperability. tdf#87342 (Winfried Donkers)
      • Exporting to Microsoft Excel file formats, Calc FLOOR and CEILING are written as Excel FLOOR.MATH and CEILING.MATH, and Calc FLOOR.XCL and CEILING.XCL are written as Excel FLOOR and CEILING
    • Added ENCODEURL spreadsheet function for Microsoft Excel interoperability. tdf#76870 (Winfried Donkers)
    • Added ERROR.TYPE spreadsheet function according to OpenFormula (ODFF) and for Microsoft Excel interoperability. (Winfried Donkers)

    A:A / 1:1 entire column/row references

    tdf#44419 (Eike Rathke)

    • It is now possible to specify references to entire columns or rows using the A:A or 1:1 notation instead of A1:A1048576 or A1:AMJ1
      • Such references will be saved as A$1:A$1048576 or $A1:$AMJ1 to maintain interoperability with earlier releases and other applications reading ODF spreadsheet documents.
      • When reading from a document, A$1:A$1048576 or $A1:$AMJ1 are converted to A:A or 1:1 notation.
        • Note that for entire column references both row anchors have to be either absolute or relative, and for entire row references both column anchors have to be either absolute or relative to have the reference converted into A:A or 1:1 notation. Mixed absolute/relative anchors lead to a full range notation being displayed, e.g. A$1:A1048576 or A1:A$1048576 because Calc assumes the user did that on purpose.
      • Inserting rows/columns to or deleting rows/columns from entire column/row references keeps the anchored other axis' endpoints, in particular inserting rows in a column reference will not produce a #REF! error and deleting rows in a column reference will not move the last referenced row that number of rows up, contrary to the standard A1:A1048576 reference behaviour. For example, with previous versions, =SUM(A1:A1048576) became =SUM(A1:A1048566) after deleting 10 lines from 10 to 20. With Version 5 the formula does not change =SUM(A:A).
      • Standard absolute/relative reference addressing can be used, i.e. A:B, A:$B, $A:B and $A:$B are all valid references and imply the same different reference update mechanisms when copy&paste, fill, move and other spreadsheet editing operations affecting cell formula references are applied.

    Crop, change and save an image

    tdf#34555 (Philippe Jung)

    • It is now possible from Format ▸ Image menu, from contextual menu and from graphic toolbar, to Crop an Image with the mouse, to Save an image and to Change it by another image from disk. These functionalities behave like in Impress or Writer.
    • Format menu has been updated accordingly, there are now:
      • Format ▸ Object entry with Position and Size, Line, Area, Define Text Attributes and Points
      • Format ▸ Image entry with Crop, Edit with External Tool, Change Image, Compress Image, Save Image.
    Cropping an image in Calc

    Toolbar improvements

    Additional improvements have gone into the “Standard”, “Formatting” and contextual toolbars to provide users with frequently used commands. tdf#85594 (Yousuf Philips)

    Impress and Draw

    • Rearrangement of toolbars in Impress to optimize the user interface for better usability. tdf#87676 (Yousuf Philips)
    • Rearrangement of toolbars in Draw to optimize the user interface for better usability. tdf#90090 (Yousuf Philips)
    • Image and shape context menus were improved by removing less important entries in them. tdf#86614 (Yousuf Philips)
    • Area fill dropdown is now implemented in the color selector in Impress and Draw. Blog entry (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat)
    New color selector in Draw and Impress
    • Text background colour in Draw/Impress text boxes (GSoC 2014, Matteo Campanelli) (blog post) can now be set in UI with toolbar or sidebar button. tdf#88276 (Katarina Behrens, CIB)
    Toolbar button to set text background colour in Draw/Impress text box


    See also: Feature removal / deprecation



    • Force Intercept option is now also available for exponential trendlines. tdf#72361 (Laurent Balland-Poirier)


    PDF export supports Time-Stamp Protocol

    • Export to PDF now supports the Time-Stamp Protocol (IETF standard rfc:3161). The address of a Time-Stamp Authority can be specified in the security settings of PDF options tdf#84881 (Tor Lillqvist, Collabora sponsored by Wilhelm Tux crowd-funding)
    Time-Stamp options in PDF digital signatures tab
    Adding a new Time-Stamp Authority

    Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) support

    • Support for reading Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) color palettes. Handles CMYK, RGB, and grayscale color models. LAB colors are not yet supported, and are replaced by black during import. (tdf#84002, sponsored by LibreOffice users through (Chris Laplante)

    Maintaining invisible content in Emails

    • Option added to preserve document invisible content when sending a document by email. tdf#87441 (Charu Tyagi, Stefan Heinemann, Stephan Bergmann)


    New import filters

    • Writer can now import Apple Pages files (Pages '09 and older), via libetonyek. (David Tardon)
    Sample document opened in Pages '09
    Sample document opened in LibreOffice 5.0
    • Calc can now import Apple Numbers files (Numbers '09 and older), via libetonyek. (Anurag Kanungo, GSoC 2015)
      • This can import only very simple spreadsheets currently. Wait for 5.1 for more.
    • Draw can now import ClarisDraw and MacDraft (v. 1) files, via libmwaw. (Laurent Alonso)
    • Calc can now import Lotus 123 (wk3, wk4) and Quattro Pro files (wq1, wq2), via libwps. (Laurent Alonso)

    Improvements in OOXML filter

    • Support for handling differences between OOXML written by MSO 2007 and the specification. (Markus Mohrhard)
    • Chart streams support MSO 2007 and OOXML conforming input now. (Markus Mohrhard)
    • Chart streams are exported according to OOXML spec and no longer according to MSO 2007 format. (Markus Mohrhard)

    Improvements in MediaWiki export filter

    (Robert Buj)

    The following improvements have been made to MediaWiki export:

    • Replace <text>&#10;</text> with <value-of select="$NL"/>
    • Add the alternative text in a image
    • Add support for image align with wrap='none'
    • Replace < center > </ center > tags
    • Add support for background-color and font-color
    • Cell
      • Use align element
      • Add support for background-color and font-color
      • If all cells have the same style then specify that in the row section
    • Table
      • Add support for table align and table width
    • Row
      • Fix new line at the end of the row
    • Header
      • Handle the header like a row
    • Add support for background-color and font-color

    Improvements in Keynote import filter

    • Correctly set text language. (David Tardon)
    • Import links. (David Tardon)
    • Fix import of tab stops. (David Tardon)
    • Fix import of simple cell text content, which was ignored previously. (David Tardon)
    • Import more text and paragraph formatting properties. (David Tardon)
    • Import document metadata. (David Tardon)
    • Fix a typo that caused all shapes being dropped from output. (David Tardon)
    • Import table borders. (Anurag Kanungo)

    Improvements in MS Works import filter

    • Ask for text encoding if it cannot be determined. tdf#87222 (Laurent Alonso)

    Improvements in Freehand import filter

    • Drastically improve import of fills, strokes, embedded images, and embedded text. (Fridrich Strba)
    • Fix positioning of visible objects on the canvas. (Fridrich Strba)
    • Cover formats from Freehand 3.0 to Freehand 11. (Fridrich Strba)


    General UI changes

    • Impress's user interface was improved to provide more space to the slide by hiding the text, shape and image formatting contextual toolbars. tdf#87676 tdf#87822 (Yousuf Philips, Philippe Jung)
    LibreOffice Impress New UI.png
    • Draw's user interface was improved by hiding formatting contextual toolbars, aligning the shapes toolbar to the left to resemble other drawing applications, and with an expanded sidebar to provide access to formatting options. tdf#90090 (Yousuf Philips; Jan Holešovský, Collabora)
    LibreOffice Draw New UI.png
    • The design of the display-toggling button in pane dividers has been updated to increase its visibility. tdf#83527 (Tomaž Vajngerl)
    The previous appearance is shown in the bottom-left corner for comparison.

    Sidebar changes

    • Slide Transition tab of the sidebar in Impress was rearranged to make better use of space. tdf#87862 (Katarina Behrens, Rishabh Kumar, Yousuf Philips)
    • Sidebar tabs in Impress were rearranged in this sequence - Properties, Slide Transition, Custom Animation, Master Slides. tdf#87904 (Yousuf Philips)
    • Sections of the Properties tab in Calc were reorganized to remove unnecessary features and make it fit on smaller screen resolutions. tdf#90888 (Rishabh Kumar, Yousuf Philips)
    • Addition of increase and decrease indent buttons to the indent section in Impress and Draw. tdf#91944 (Maxim Monastirsky, Yousuf Philips)
    • Addition of outline buttons to the sidebar in Impress and Draw tdf#87651 (Maxim Monastirsky)

    Improvements in Calc/Draw sheet tab controls

    The following changes were made by Tomaž Vajngerl (Collabora):

    • The Add Sheet and First, Previous, Next and Last buttons are displayed without borders.
    • The Add Sheet button is now in the left, so that users can click it repeatedly without chasing its changing position.
    • It is now possible to scroll the sheet tabs with the mouse wheel if the number of tabs overflows the bar’s space. tdf#59471
    5.0 Calc tabs.png

    HiDPI changes

    See also: Development/HiDpi
    • Scale menu icons (Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora).
    • Multiply status bar width depending on DPI scale factor (Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora) .
    • Scale "add Sheet" button for Calc tabs (Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora).
    • Scale drag-and-drop indicators in the aforementioned tab bar (Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora).
    • Scale rulers according to DPI scale factor (Darcy Beurle).

    Mouse cursor improvements in Windows

    • Many hardcoded cursors, drawn back in the StarOffice era to support now-obsolete Windows versions, were dropped in favor of native cursors, which have a more modern look. tdf#53148 tdf#53151 (Rimas Kudelis)

    Context menus

    • Rearrangement of the image context menu in Writer to improve usability. tdf#87185 (Yousuf Philips)
    • Rearrangement of the table context menu in Writer to improve usability. tdf#86619 (Yousuf Philips)
    • All direct formatting entries were removed, as they are readily available in toolbars and the Sidebar. tdf#86606 (Yousuf Philips)
    • Clipboard functions (Cut, Copy, Paste) are always visible. tdf#86850 (Trent MacAlpine)
    • Toolbar's context menu entries appear with small icons. tdf#91953 (Philippe Jung)
    • Toolbar’s context menus display the name of the corresponding toolbar. tdf#86138 (Philippe Jung)
    Toolbar context menu

    New icon theme by KDE, Breeze

    • A new icon set, Breeze, has been added to LibreOffice. Thanks to: Uri Herrera (Nitrux, S. A.), Andreas Kainz (KDE e. V.), Jonathan Riddell (Kubuntu), Jan Holešovský (Collabora), Yousuf Philips, and Andrew Dent.
    Default Writer toolbar
    Default Calc toolbar
    Default Draw toolbar
    Drawing toolbar in Draw
    Default Impress toolbar
    Drop-down menu New on Standard toolbar

    Updates to the Tango icon set

    New icons by Alexander Wilms, Adolfo Jayme Barrientos and Yousuf Philips have been integrated into the main Tango theme. There are now fewer gaps, in which old-style Industrial icons were displayed.

    Updates to the Sifr icon set

    Cassandra Freund has fixed bugs and increased icon coverage for Sifr.

    Expert Configuration usability improvements

    The following changes were made by Palenik Mihály:

    • The settings are now searchable. 1485acc3
    • The table’s rows are displayed using alternate colors to facilitate scanning. 148e489e
    ExpertConfiguration 5.0+ wSearch.PNG

    New splash screen & start center branding

    • New graphics for many elements (Andreas Kainz, Barak Paz, Jun NOGATA)

    User settings - location of the user profile

    The user profile will be in the same location as your previous version of LibreOffice. That is for example:

    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user or /home/<username>/.config/libreoffice/4/user .

    This takes away the need to automatically migrate an existing user profile with the installation of the new version. See 468aaa1bcf96c86c4a33b5dcd0aabb41e14b042d and minutes of the ESC and tdf#93057.


    A brand new Guarani localization

    LibreOffice’s user interface has been completely translated into Guarani (avañe’ẽ), the native language of the Paraguayan people. This groundbreaking work confirms the innovation pace of the LibreOffice project towards facilitating the use of technology for as many people as possible, which is one of the ethos of The Document Foundation. Special thanks go to Giovanni Caligaris (who is leading this effort), András Tímar (Collabora), Christian Lohmaier, and Eike Rathke (Red Hat).

    New languages/locales with locale data

    Available as default document language and for locale specific formatting.

    • Added Church Slavic [cu-RU] to language list and locale data. tdf#90802 (Aleksandr Andreev and Eike Rathke)
    • Added Nyanja [ny-MW] locale data. tdf#89395 (Eike Rathke)
    • Added Venetian [vec-IT] to language list and locale data. tdf#91199 (Eike Rathke, data by
    • Added Tigrigna (Ethiopia) [ti-ET] locale data. tdf#91849 (Eike Rathke, data by kinfe)

    Updated language proofing tools

    • The bundled Spanish spelling dictionary pack is updated to version 0.8. (Jacobo Aragunde Pérez)
    • The bundled Portuguese spelling dictionary pack is updated to version (András Tímár)
    • The bundled French spelling dictionary pack is updated to version 5.3.2. (Olivier R.)
    • Several fixes were made to the Czech affix files. (Petr Gajdos and Tomáš Chvátal)
    • Since 5.0.2, Czech thesaurus has been removed due to its non-free license. tdf#93514 The thesaurus is still available as part of this Apache OpenOffice extension.
    • The bundled Slovenian dictionary pack is updated with the updated thesaurus. (Martin Srebotnjak)

    Other language initiatives

    We aim to support as many languages as possible. We would like to thank the following people for volunteering to translate LibreOffice and help preserving their native tongues:

    • Chechen:
    • Kabyle: Hamidi Massinissa
    • Venetian: Alessandro Mocellin

    If you speak an endangered language and want to help us to achieve our goals of providing libre tools to every person on the planet, please join us.

    Scripting / Basic

    Access2Base updated

    • The bundled Access2Base Basic library is upgraded to version 1.3.0. (Jean-Pierre Ledure)
    • With the introduction of the CommandBars collection of CommandBar and CommandBarControl objects, it is now easy to make simple (show/hide, ...) manipulations of toolbar, menubar and statusbar components.

    Feature removal / deprecation

    • The obsolete, StarOffice-inherited option “Use system font for user interface” was removed. LibreOffice will always use the system’s font to display its user interface elements. tdf#87016 Thanks to: Julien Nabet and Caolán McNamara (Red Hat).
    • Since the introduction of a new “Elements” docked pane in Math (in version 4.1), it was intended that it would replace the old, OOo-inherited “toolbox”, or floating pane, which was difficult to use and had visual problems in certain UI configurations (such as dark themes). This old element has finally been removed, thus streamlining the UI by removing redundancy. tdf#68871 Thanks to: Julien Nabet and Adolfo Jayme Barrientos.
    • The ability to insert hyperlinks in the NNTPWikipedia logo v3.svg, IMAPWikipedia logo v3.svg and POP3Wikipedia logo v3.svg protocols was removed. (6d089a4c, 52417882) Thanks to: Tor Lillqvist (Collabora).
    • Vestigial GopherWikipedia logo v3.svg support was dropped as well. tdf#89361 Thanks to: Adolfo Jayme Barrientos.

    API changes

    Configuration changes

    C++ UNO language binding and URE libraries

    The following changes were done to the C++ UNO language binding and URE libraries:

    UNO API changes

    The following UNO interfaces and services were changed:


    • New Dispatch commands were created for Inserting in tables:
      • InsertColumsBefore : insert columns before the selected columns. If more than one column is selected, insert as many columns as selected.
      • InsertRowsBefore : insert rows before the selected rows. If more than one row is selected, insert as many rows as selected.
      • InsertColumsAfter : insert columns after the selected columns. If more than one column is selected, insert as many columns as selected.
      • InsertRowsAfter : insert rows after the selected rows. If more than one row is selected, insert as many rows as selected.
      • These commands should be now prefered to uno:InsertColumns and .uno:InsertRows. For compatibility with previous versions, in writer uno:InsertColumns and .uno:InsertRows are equivalent to uno:InsertColumnsAfter and .uno:InsertRowsAfter
    • The following Dispatch commands are now available in Writer:
      • .uno:CompressGraphic
      • .uno:ChangePicture
      • .uno.Crop


    • The following Dispatch commands are now available in Calc:
      • .uno:ChangePicture
      • .uno:SaveGraphic
      • .uno.Crop

    UNO API removals

    The following UNO interfaces and services were removed from the API:

    Other changes

    • The URE sub-tree within the LibreOffice installation has been broken up, and the various files that constitute the URE have been moved to different places within the LibreOffice installation tree. All of those changes should be transparent to URE clients, though.

    Platform compatibility


    • A native, 64-bit Windows build is now available.
      • TDF release builds require Windows Vista or later.
      • Outlook and Outlook Express address book access will not be supported until a new maintainable driver is implemented (see tdf#56903 and tdf#56905).
      • The experimental Firebird database driver is not yet available.
      • For development information, look at Development/msvc-x86_64.
    • The above points are specific to the new 64-bit releases; LibreOffice 5.0 continues to support Windows XP with its 32-bit version.


    • Known Issue: LibreOffice on macOS needs to be run at least once before installing a LanguagePack, see tdf#89657.


    • Added basic editing capabilities. blog entry 1 2 3 4 5 (Miklos Vajna, Tomaz Vajngerl, Siqi Liu, Henry Castro, Kohei Yoshida, Jan Holesovsky - Collabora, sponsored by The Document Foundation and our generous donors)
    Selecting Writer text on Android.
    Selecting Calc cells on Android.