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Windows Directories?

In my Windows 7, i've found this data on the following path, under user directory. C:\Users\Zeki\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4

Are we sure that this stated paths are correct?


Hi Zeki,
well the text says:
From Vista: %appdata%\libreoffice\4\user (LibreOffice 4)
press ⊞ Win+r and write %appdata% and hit ↵ Enter. You will see that you will get in this directory! Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-02-01T13:30:36 (UTC)

Directories psprint, store and temp

More details on the French wiki that we have had after a research on the list fr-discus. Can't translate them. Please, feel free to do it.

Ysabeau 2015-03-26


Are these configurations generally compatible cross-platform? I'm particularly thinking about OSX versus Linux. Jcrben (talk) 2016-09-19T06:22:00 (UTC)

Hi Jcrben,
What do you mean? For every platform there are platform-specific paths which are all mentioned.
Dennis Roczek (talk) 2016-10-09T20:08:36 (UTC)

Missing information

My profiles contains a "pack" directory which is not described in the text. What does it do, please? Is it necessary to restore it after a profile corruption? The files are in a binary format so I can't work it out by looking at them.

Also, I think it would be a good thing (if resources are available) to give a bit more help to users who have had heir profiles corrupted. The profile seems very fragile, and getting back to my preferred configuration is a lengthy process and doesn't seem to be documented here. In particular, custom macros, dialogs and templates all need to be copied back.