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This page is about the Unified Office Format (UOF) for office applications, an open standard from China.

Not to be confused with the native format of LibreOffice, ODF


LibreOffice has some read/write support for UOF. There's both a UOF V1.0 and V2.0 (released in 2011).

File Types


  • UOF
  • UOT - Text
  • UOS - Spreadsheet
  • UOP - Presentation
    • Uniform Office Format presentation
    • Uniform Office Format 2 presentation


Something that may be related... https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=uoml-x

UOF-related bugs


There aren't a lot of UOF bugs listed so far. Just searching for 'UOF', 'UOT', etc.. is the best bet. Here's an attempt at a query string searching the Summary, Whiteboard, and Comment fields:

UOF Extensions

Do extensions to the file format exist? Do we do anything in this area?

(no clue...)

UOF Version Choice

I'm not sure if we have a choice in terms of what UOF version we write-out.

UOF Validation

Validator Software


See ODF#ODF Validation -- perhaps some software there can also validate UOF?

Bug Reports

If you find a problem with UOF files in LibreOffice (either reading or writing), please file a bug and let us know what isn't working for you. Providing test case documents is very appreciated!


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