LibreOffice 5.3 Under the Hood Changes

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QA Work

5.3.0 QA Stats


Build / platform improvements

  • Removed boost patches for libraries that are no longer used (Michael Stahl)
  • Replaced most of the pile of boost patches that work around GCC/clang warnings that upstream won't fix with auto-generated wrapper headers that should be easier to maintain (Michael Stahl)
  • (initial) sparc64 port (James Clarke)
  • Added a script check-elf-dynamic-objects to sanity check library dependencies in release or bibisect builds on GNU/Linux (Michael Stahl)
  • Fixed some build failures when compiling in the Turkish locale commit ea5a5b1dbb669415586520c2b0c526b133aa07e4 commit 9b9e5cfd2fa629b2e1dc4a193e48a4a4e8d34126 (Gökhan Gurbetoğlu, Pardus)
  • Build bundled poppler library against bundled libjpeg (Michael Stahl)
  • Review usage of OSL_BIGENDIAN macro and actually include the header that would define it (Michael Stahl)

Code quality work

Code cleanup


Automatic rewrites


  • adapted to PEP8 and further clean-ups (Kenneth Koski)


Miscellaneous improvements

  • updated various bundled libraries to the latest version (Jochen Nitschke, Michael Stahl, Caolán McNamara, David Tardon, Andras Timar, Jaskaran Singh, Wastack, Laurent Alonso, Miklos Vajna, Kohei Yoshida, Aleksas Pantechovskis)