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    Working with the Web based mail archive service - Nabble

    The Document Foundation maintains a large number(*) of mail lists, many of which are of moderately high traffic. ( > 100 emails on a daily basis)

    The mailing lists require subscription in order to post directly, not requiring moderation.

    The mailing lists may be subscribed to on either an individual posting basis (you would receive > 100 emails in your inbox on a daily basis) or in a digest format (all emails for the day would be contained in a single, large possibly, email).

    Nabble, a free web service, was setup to both archive the foundations emails, onto another server, and to offer additional web based options for using the mailing lists. These augmented services are expected to aid a large number of LibreOffice end users looking to get an answer to specific and reasonably infrequent questions.

    The goal is to offer an easy way for these casual users of the mailing lists for support services to post their question, receive only, and with some certainty, responses to their questions. The web service also offers the ability of the end user to receive regular updates, via their email address or via ATOM feeds. In both situations the user may configure which lists and which emails they want to be notified about.

    The user may select to receive notification for all new Topic Posts - this is an email arriving at the list for which there is no preceding email which it is linked to. It would be accurate in most cases that these are original questions coming into the list, people offering support responses often refer to the person that posted this first, Topic, email as the OP (Original Poster).

    Nabble also allows for the web services to be used from within a simple to use widget. This widget is used, along with another, a Google Custom Search Engine search box on the OpenDocument User Community Volunteers, Unofficial Document Foundation Mail Archives (UMLA) web site.

    < the rest of this article will cover the basic functions of the Nabble interface >

    The TDF MLs are archived in a hierarchical fashion:


    The sub-forum LibreOffice contains the most commonly used end user support lists:


    Do I need to register with the Unofficial Document Foundation Mail Archive ( UMLA )

    • No registration is ever required to browse or search the archives
    • UMLA registration is not required to post to a ML - it has some benefits however

    Subscribing to a TDF mail list

    If this is your fist time using the UMLA and you have never subscribed to a Document Foundation mailing list it is as simple as 1 , 2 , 3, 4

    1. Just browse to the mail list you want to post to
    2. at the top left of the grid is the New Topic button 
    3. clicking the Subscribe button here will ask for and then send your email address to the Document FOundation mail server for that particular list currently in your browsers window
    4. The Document Foundation mail server will send a confirmation email to your inbox, you must reply (using just hit reply-button) and at that point you are subscribed to the list.
    • Using Nabble to subscribe to the Document Foundation ML your subscription is utilizing the no-mail parameter. This means that you are now authorized to post emails from anywhere,  your desktop mail client or the UMLA web page and the email is dristibuted to all members subscribed to the list.
    • With the no-email parameter, as I said, it does not send responses to your inbox, however the mail view grid on the UMAL page supports a threaded display, as well as simple list. This makes it quite easy to visit back at your leisure, or hovering for an answer, to see when the first email reply is added to your Topic thread.

    If I am already subscribed to a TDF mailing list can I simply post using the web interface, no further subscription needed.


    Yes - in a public place, a library perhaps you can easily post to your TDF mail list account.

    When you click on the New Topic button you will get the same Subscription Reminder dialog. Simply click on the "I'm a subscriber, let me post now" button.

    If I am already subscribed to a TDF mailing list, receiving either individual emails or digest emails, can I use the nabble service to convert my subscription, at the TDF mail server, into one allowing me to post to the list still, but to suspend delivery to my indbox.  ( I want not now to read what I want, when I want with the web page)

    • Yes
    • Nabble menu item to change mail list subscription settings, such as whether you receive emails from the list directly in your Inbox.
    • Switch your UDFMLA account for any mailing list from no-email directly in your inbox to individual or digest delivery. Then turn it back to no-email just as easily at a later time. 

    How to receive notifications

    ATOM feed

    Direct email