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Your "created" page

Hi ThudDriver, I saw your edit at Adapt row height as I'm an admin and you hit a abuse filter by accident. The page was sadly not saved. Your content was:


Calc hangs - status/progress bar at bottom shows "Adapt row height" and the green progress bar moves steadily to about 80% of the way to the right and stops. Sometimes it will complete the action in 8, 9, or 10 minutes. But today, 14 Dec 2013, I waited over an hour and it never completed. Had to "kill" the program and re-open the file. Now I am unable to delete a column. The task manager shows soffice.bin consuming 50% of cpu resources.

My operating system is WinXP Pro, 4mb memory, so memory is not a factor.

I'm working with a large voter data file in .ods file format with 159,146 lines, imported from a .csv file.

I did extensive editing and formatting of columns last 3 days, with lengthy delays (8 to 9 minutes) for the 'Adapt row height' process to complete after formatting a column or deleting or cutting and pasting a column to move it. Sometimes there was no delay and the "Adapt row height" process was never displayed.

There is no reference to "Adapt row height" in downloaded Help, on-line Help for LibreOffice.


Thanks for reporting, but sadly you reported your bugs at the wrong place. Please take the time and report the bug again at or ask for assistant at a mailing list.


Regards, Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-01-18T01:20:51 (UTC)

By the way: another user reported the bug in our bug tracker at tdf#73813. Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-01-24T12:26:52 (UTC)
Hi again, the bug was marked as invalid now. Please, for the case you want to get that bug fixed, test the behavior again with a most recent version of LibreOffice and upload then a test field so we can test and verify the bug. :-) Dennis Roczek (talk) 2014-06-11T11:46:05 (UTC)