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    This video "Verbinder in Draw - LibreOffice" shows how "Connectors in Draw - LibreOffice" can be created and edited and links to this page here, which offers further information and details

    Notice that the drawing functions in Draw and Impress are identical and can be used equivalently.

    Link to the Video

    Link to the Video (in German [DE]):

    Verbinder in Draw - LibreOffice


    Icon "Connector"

    Connectors are lines or arrows whose ends automatically snap to a Point on an object.

    You connect objects using Connectors, which you can select from the "Drawing" toolbar.

    Connectors are useful when drawing Diagrams, Organization charts, Flowcharts and Mind maps.

    Both Gallery objects and drawing objects can be connected with Connectors to show relationships.

    Connect objects with cConnector

    Objects here are Gallery- and Drawing objects.

    When you have selected a suitable Connector, the cursor becomes a crosshair 73 Draw Cursor für Verbinder.png.

    Move the cursor to the Object on an edge where you want to start the connection.

    The Object lights up and shows you the possible connection points.

    Click a Connection point, hold-drag to the next Object where you want the connection to end.

    The next Object lights up and the Connection points become visible.

    Move the cursor to a desired Connection point and release the mouse button.

    This is how you create all connections.

    When objects are moved or rearranged, the Connectors remain fixed at the respective Point.

    Draw offers a number of different connectors with different shapes of the end points.

    Click on the small arrow to the right of the "Connector" icon to open the complete Connector Toolbar.

    Change end points of Connectors

    "Arrow Styles" icon
    "Arrow Styles" Selection

    You can change the end points of the Connectors.

    Select a Connector.

    Select "Properties" in the sidebar.

    At "Line -> Line" go to the small icon "Arrow Style".

    Click on the small black arrow next to it and select "Arrow Style" for the connector.

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