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The video "Writer Footnotes / Endnotes - An Overview" links to this page here, which contains further information.

First, the footnotes are explained and the settings and selection options are described.

Endnotes are used analogous to footnotes.

This description refers to LibreOffice 5.2.

Link to the Video

Link to the Video (in German [DE]):

Fußnoten und Endnoten in Writer - LibreOffice 5.2


Menu: Insert ▸ Foot-/Endnote ▸ Footnote
"Foot-/Endnote insert" Dialog

Footnotes are used to annotate further information on the subject at the end of a document.

 Footnotes and Endnotes are numbered independently in automatic mode.

Insert footnote directly

Insert footnotes directly into a document using a menu command.

You open Writer and the document in which the footnotes are to be inserted.

You position the cursor in the text where the footnote is to be inserted.

To insert the footnote directly, choose Menu Insert ▸ Footnote/Endnote ▸ Footnote.

You write the footnote.

You have now inserted a footnote directly.

Insert footnote using the "Insert footnote/end note" dialog

You can insert another footnote.

You position the cursor in the text where the second footnote is to be inserted.

Alternatively to entering a footnote directly, choose in the menu: Insert ▸ Footnote/Endnote ▸ Footnote/Endnote….

The dialogue box opens "Insert Foot-/Endnote".

The following options are available here:

  • "Numbering", here you define the type of numbering (automatic/manual).
    • "Automatic", automatically assigns consecutive numbers to the inserted footnotes.
    • "(Manual)", with "Character" (manual), you can enter a "character" for the current footnote in the text field next to it.
  • "Type", here you select "Footnote" and OK.

You write the footnote.

You have now entered another footnote.

The mouse pointer changes its appearance as soon as it is placed over the footnote anchor or the footnote is standing.

By clicking on the footnote anchor or footnote, you can jump back and forth.

To edit the text of a footnote, click inside the footnote.

Change format

"Footnotes settings" dialog

To change the format of a footnote, press F11 to open the "Styles" sidebar, then click in the footnote anchor.

Right-click on the paragraph style "Footnote" and choose Change….

Now you can make changes to the format.

Change numbering option

To edit a footnote anchor numbering option, click in front of the anchor and select the menu: Extras ▸ Foot/End Notes…, in Tab: "Footnotes" dialog.

Here you can set or edit various options, such as "Numbering".

Summary of commands and associated dialogs

A summary of the commands and associated dialogs is shown here:

Menu Command: Insert ▸ Foot-/Endnote ▸ Foot-/Endnote… opens the dialog: "Insert footer/endnote"

Menu command: Extras ▸ Foot-End Notes, on the tab: "Footnotes" opens the dialog: "Footnote/Endnote Settings"

Menu command: Format ▸ Page, on the tab: "Footnote" opens the dialog: "Page Template: Default"

Menu command: Insert ▸ Area, on the tab: "Footnotes/Endnotes" opens the dialog: "Insert Area"

Summary of the existing format templates

Here is a summary of the existing styles:

Paragraph styles: "Footnote" and "Endnote"

Character styles: "Footnote Anchor, Footnote Sign" and "Endnote Anchor, Endnote Sign"

Page styles: "Footnote" and "Endnote"

The styles can be changed as described above under "Change Format".

End notes

Endnotes are used in the same way as footnotes.

The following differences result:

  • Endnotes are listed on the last page of the document.
  • Endnotes have their own numbering.

Further Informations

Documentation / Manuals

Here you will find the Documentation / Manuals:

Documentation / Manuals

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