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    The video "Page and printer setup in Calc - LibreOffice" links to this page here, which contains further informations.

    Link to the video

    Print preview single table - DIN A4 landscape

    Link to the video (in German-DE):

    "Seite und Drucker einrichten in Calc - LibreOffice".

    Working with existing table

    Open Calc.

    Analogous to the video, you can use the existing Liabilities.ods file.

    The Table document can be downloaded - below -.

    Format the page

    "Print Preview" Toolbar

    Open the file Liabilities.ods in Calc.

    The table is displayed.

    The print output is normally preset for DIN A4 portrait.

    Check this with the selection File ▸ Print preview.

    The print preview is displayed and you can use the icon "Next page" 7442DE Calc Symbol NächsteSeite.png click to the other pages.

    You can notice that the table is on three pages would be printed.

    Click on "Close side view".

    In the normal view you now see that between the column B/C and F/G a vertical dashed line runs.

    This corresponds to the division into three sides.

    Since the table is wider than high, it is useful to print the table in A4 landscape format.

    Set page to A4 landscape

    To set the page to A4 landscape, choose Format ▸ Page Style….

    In the dialog "Default" Page style click on the tab "Page".

    For "Paper Size" you leave "A4" and select "Landscape" for "Orientation".

    Setup scale and scaling mode

    Click on the tab "Sheet" in the dialog.

    For "Scale>Scale Mode:" you select "Fit Print Range(s) to Page Number".

    The page number is left at "1", which forces the table to one page.

    Click OK.

    Define print range

    Now you fix the pressure range.

    To that mark you want to print the range of the table.

    Now you choose Format ▸ Print Ranges ▸ Define.

    The dashed lines are now on the outer lines of the table, marked as before.

    Check again with File ▸ Print Preview.

    It will now be the entire table displayed on DIN A4 landscape.

    Click on "Close Preview" 7442DE Calc Symbol SeitenansichtSchliessen.png.

    Set several pressure ranges

    Table with four printranges
    Display of the individual pages as they are printed

    To explain the procedure for several print areas, the area that you have already defined as the print area is copied multiple times in the worksheet.

    For this you mark the range to be copied and paste it in three places again.

    The columns J bis Q must be adjusted in width.

    In the respective heading "Liabilities" you add the capital letters A to D to distinguish them.

    The color-coded column I and row 31 serve only for optical separation and are not absolutely necessary.

    The four-pane table should now look like this, see right.

    In the Print preview still only the range_1 "Liabilities A" is displayed:

    Now add the other pressure ranges B – D.

    Mark the respective one (Tables -) Range and choose in the menu Format ▸ Print Ranges ▸ Add.

    Once you have set the pressure ranges, you can check this again with File ▸ Print preview.

    It can now four pages, according to the four ranges are displayed or printed.

    In the menu Format ▸ Page ▸ Table leave the settings.

    By the given Page Order, the pages are printed out in the order A, B, C, D.

    Check page break

    You can check the page division by choosing View ▸ Page Break} from the menu.

    The individual pages are displayed with a dark blue border and in the background there is the page designation in light grey letters.

    Setting up the printer

    Since you have now set the page format to landscape, now setup the printer.

    Choose File ▸ Print Settings….

    In the "Setting up the printer" dialog, you choose "properties ".

    The menu that opens is printer-dependent.

    It may look very different depending on the printer.

    In the printer menu, you also choose A4 Landscape and OK.

    Page Styles

    Page Structur - Page Style "Default"
    Page Structur - Page Style "Report"

    The Styles / Page Styles can be found in the Sidebar ( F11 ).

    In Calc there are the Cell Styles and the Page Styles.

    The Page Styles are used to define a preset for the appearance of tables when printing.

    You can assign only one Page Style per table.

    Therefore, if you have data in a table that you want to give a different appearance to for printing, you must distribute this data into several tables.

    The default setting for tables is the Page Style "Default".

    Another Page Style called "Report" is supplied with the program.

    Custom Page Style

    You can also create a custom Page Style.

    Right-click on the Page Style "Default" and choose New.

    The "Page Style:xxxxx" dialog will appear.

    In the Page Style dialog you will find the tabs:

    | Organiser | Page | Borders | Background | Header | Footer | Sheet |

    In the dialog you can make your defaults for the appearance of a table on printout.

    You can check how the respective page looks like when printed in the menu File ▸ Print Preview; after assigning.

    Assign custom Page Style

    Click on the table to which you want to assign a different Page Style.

    Double-click on the desired Page Style.

    Check the File ▸ Print Preview menu for the appearance of the overall page.

    Further Informations

    Work files


    Liabilities - several print ranges.ods

    Documentation / Manuals

    Here you will find the Documentation / Manuals:

    Documentation / Manuals

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