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    The video shows how to make a "Transition from MS-Office to LibreOffice" and links to this page here, which provides further information and details.

    Link to the Video

    Link to the Video:

    Switch from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice

    What does LibreOffice offer to make your work easier?

    The Components of LibreOffice have a variety of import filters to open all common documents from foreign office suites.

    This also especially for MS-Office. You can open directly all your documents in LibreOffice.

    Personalized LibreOffice

    LibreOffice adapts to you and not vice versa.

    Create your own LibreOffice.

    • Choose the user interface that makes you more productive.
    • Standard keyboard shortcuts and custom keyboard shortcuts and speed up your output.
    • Standard and custom style sheets make it easy to make your documents look good.
    • Use document templates for your recurring work processes.

    Alignment to user groups

    To target the different user groups

    • End users
    • companies

    to the program, there are 4 Flyers available.

    Writer Libo-writer.svg

    The comprehensive word processor Writer has all the features you can expect.

    Calc Libo-calc.svg

    Calc is the spreadsheet program you have always wanted.

    It is intuitive and easy to learn for newcomers.

    Professional data processors and number crunchers will appreciate the extensive range of a wide variety of functions.

    Impress Libo-impress.svg

    Impress is a truly exceptional presentation program to create effective multimedia presentations.

    Presentation creation and editing is highly flexible, thanks to various view modes, such as "Normal", "Outline", "Notes", "Handout" and "Slide sorting".

    Draw Libo-draw.svg

    The all-around program for your drawings.

    Draw lets you create anything from a quick sketch to complex plans, and it even lets you communicate with graphs and charts, up to a maximum size of 600 cm by 600 cm.

    Base Libo-base.svg

    Base is a full-featured database user interface, designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users.

    But Base also caters to professionals and corporate needs, offering out-of-the-box support for some widely used multi-user database systems: MySQL/MariaDB, Adabas D, MS Access and PostgreSQL.

    In addition, support for standard JDBC and ODBC drivers allows you to connect to almost any other existing database.

    Math Libo-math.svg

    The editor for equations and formulas.

    Math is the formula editor of the LibreOffice package that can be invoked from within your text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings to insert perfectly formatted mathematical or scientific formulas.

    Diagrams Libo-chart.svg

    LibreOffice provides the ability to create and embed diagrams into your documents.

    Not only can charts be easily created from data, but their type, color and size can be customized in many ways.

    What happens to my old documents when I work with LibreOffice after installation?

    Will all my saved MS documents then be automatically converted to Libre?

    When installing LibreOffice, your data and files will not be touched in any way.

    First of all, create a backup of your MS Office files, which you should not touch afterwards.

    Always keep these files backed up.

    If for some reason you need to go back to them, only make copies of them again that you can work with.

    Any MS Office files you open in LibreOffice should always be copies of your original files.

    You can open all your MS Office documents directly in LibreOffice.

    As soon as you open a file in LibreOffice, some kind of conversion takes place.

    Most documents will open right away.

    Take a look at your documents after opening them to see if you are happy with their appearance.

    If you like the document you open, you should save it in ODFWikipedia logo v3.svg format from now on.

    However, in some circumstances, some more complex documents may not look exactly the same.

    Some format adjustments may then be necessary.

    Before saving these documents in ODF format, you should then perform customize the design ( Example: Migrating from Word ).

    Avoid saving back to MS files at all costs, as this increases the possibility of translation and errors.

    If you need other formats to share with partners, you can open an ODF file and use ″Save as...″ to save and share another format.

    This way you will always have working files available on your system environment.

    Note pin.svg

    The file icon displayed by Windows in the file manager does not stand for the format of the file, but for the program that is called when you double-click on it.

    Note pin.svg

    It is normal when DOC to ODT makes files much smaller (note that it doesn’t hold for DOCX to ODT). DOC is a proprietary binary format, that has almost no compression. OTOH, both ODT and DOCX are compressed (ZIP) formats, and thus for textual content, they offer very substantial size reduction.

    Note pin.svg

    It is advisable to convert to LibreOffice native format only the documents you need at the moment (Writer is ODT). All other documents should stay in their original formats until you need them - and at that time you may be using an updated LibreOffice with improved import filters, so you lose less in the conversion.

    Do I still need MS Office?

    As long as you don't have to pay for additional licenses and MS Office works, you should continue to use it in parallel.

    And you may be able to continue using it as a document viewer after the subscription expires.

    Editing documents is then no longer possible.

    File associations

    LibreOffice should be installed with ODF

    • Writer - Word processing program uses ODT
    • Calc - Spreadsheet program uses ODS
    • Impress - Presentation program uses ODP
    • Draw - Drawing program uses ODG

    as default file associations.

    MS-Office should keep its default file associations.

    But some or all can be changed in Windows 11 under Start Menu ▸ Settings ▸ Apps ▸ Default Apps scroll down, there select Select Defaults by File Type.

    For example, select the DOC and DOCX file types to change them to LibreOffice Writer (the procedure is similar to that for Windows 10).

    See also: Assign files to LibreOffice

    Further Informations

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    Getting started in practice

    Professional text composition with Writer

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