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This description refers to the version LibreOffice 6 under Windows 10.

The video "Open file with LibreOffice" links to this page here, which contains further information and details.

This video shows how files can be opened with LibreOffice and how files under Windows 10 can be assigned to LibreOffice by default.

Link to the Video

Link to the Video (in German [DE]):

Datei öffnen mit LibreOffice

Open file with LibreOffice

Icon to LO-Writer

Unlock the file name extensions in the File Explorer

In File Explorer, select the "View" tab.

Place a check mark next to "File name extensions".

Check the assignment in the File Explorer

In File Explorer (also called "Windows Explorer") one can see if the files, e.g. "doc", "docx", "odt" and "ott" are assigned to LibreOffice on Windows by default.

The file icons will then match those of LibreOffice.

Open file

Then the files can be opened in the File Explorer by double-clicking.

Alternatively open Writer.

Via the "Open" icon 201807 LO HB Symbol Öffnen.png, you open the desired file.

However, if the files are assigned to other programs, the file can only be opened via the open program LibreOffice.

Assign files back to LibreOffice by default

In the file explorer you can allocate files again by default to the program LibreOffice.

Right-click on a file and select "Open with" and "Choose another app".

Click on "More Apps ↓" and select "LibreOffice Writer".

Now you put a checkmark on "Always use this app to open .odt (or .doc) files".

 If Writer is not available, click on "More Apps ↓" and search for the program.
 Mostly under C:/Program Files/LibreOffice/programm/
 Select program.
The file names there are:
LibreOffice soffice.exe
Writer swriter.exe
Calc scalc.exe
Impress simpress.exe
Draw sdraw.exe
Math smath.exe
Base sbase.exe

Close LibreOffice again.

The file type ".doc" (or ".odt" depending on what was selected) is now assigned to LibreOffice again.

201807 LO HB Dateityp doc-Symbol LO.png

 The process can be performed accordingly for the other LibreOffice modules (Calc, Impress Draw, etc.).

Assign files in the Windows settings

On the Start menu Windows - Start Symbol.png, select Settings ▸ Apps ▸ Default apps.

In the Windows settings you can set the default apps or select the default apps by file type (Win10).

Settings by file type - Windows 11:

See also: Change default programs in Windows 10

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Documentation / Manuals

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Documentation / Manuals

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