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    Table marked
    "Paste Special" dialog

    The video shows how you can make columns into rows and rows into columns in a table in Calc and links to this page here, which provides more information and details.

    This description is based on the Help of LibreOffice

    Link to the Video

    Link to the Video (in German [DE]):

    Tabelle - Spalten und Zeilen tauschen - LibreOffice

    Tables transpose

    You have already started your table and now you realize it would be better if you could swap Columns and Rows.

    No problem, you can help by transposing tables ( Swap Columns and Rows ).

    To swap Columns and Rows

    LibreOffice Calc offers the possibility to transpose ( swap ) spreadsheets so that Rows become Columns and Columns become Rows.

    This is called "transposing".

    1. . Select the table area to be transposed.
    2. . Select Edit ▸ Cut - ( Ctrl + X or also Ctrl + C ).
    3. . Click on the cell that will become the top left cell in the result.
    4. . Select Edit ▸ Paste Special ▸ Paste Special….
    5. . In the dialog, select the "Paste All" and "Transpose" options or click on the Transpose All button.

    If you now click on the OK button, Columns and Rows will be swap.

    Table transposed

    Further Informations

    Work files

    Work table

    "Tabelle umkehren - transponieren.ods"

    Description as document

    "Tabelle umkehren - transponieren.odt"

    Documentation / Manuals

    Here you will find the Documentation / Manuals:

    Documentation / Manuals

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