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    The video shows how to do the "Zoom functions in Draw and Writer - LibreOffice" and links to this page here, which provides further information and details. It is based on the Online-Help.

    Link to the Video

    Link to the Video (in German [DE]):

    Zoomfunktionen in Draw und Writer - LibreOffice

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    Zooming works differently on Unix, Linux, and Windows. Documents saved with a zoom factor of 100% under Windows are displayed with a larger zoom factor on Unix and Linux systems.

    Zoom functions and view layout in the status bar

    With the zoom functions you can enlarge or reduce the screen display of LibreOffice, i.e. the zoom factor.

    You can see the currently set zoom factor as a percentage value on the bottom right in the status bar.

    If the status bar is not switched on, choose View ▸ Status bar from the menu.

    The zoom factor settings can therefore be made in the status bar or also from the View ▸ Zoom menu.

    Zoom factor

    The zoom factor is a percentage value and can be changed as needed.

    Status bar percentage value - right-click Optimal View

    Adjusts the display to fit the width of the text in the document at the time this command is executed.

    Status bar percentage - right-click Page Width

    The page is displayed in its full width.

    The top and/or bottom margins of the page may not be visible.

    Status bar percentage - right-click Entire Page

    Displays the entire page on your screen.

    Status bar percentage value - right-click Set fixed percentage values

    You can select the values 50%, 75%, 100%, 150% and 200% direct.

    The setting 100 % means that the document is displayed in its current size and the page width is within the gray visible work area and the text should be normally readable.

    Please note that depending on the screen size and your personal reading ability, there may be differences to the statement just made.

    Status bar percent value - left click- Dialog "Zoom and View layout"

    • Optimal Adjusts the display to the width of the text in the document at the time this command is executed.
    • Fit Width/Height Displays the entire page on your screen.
    • Fit Width Displays the page width on your screen.
    • 100 % Displays the document at its current size.
    • Variable Enter the scale for displaying the document as a percentage in the field.
    • View Layout You can set different view layouts for text documents. Decrease the scale to see what each layout does.
      • Automatic In the Automatic view layout, as many pages are displayed side by side as the scale allows.
      • Single page The single column view shows the individual pages below each other, but never next to each other.
      • Columns In the column layout, the pages are displayed next to each other according to the number of columns set. Specify the number of columns.
      • Book mode In book mode you see two pages side by side, like in an open book. The first page is a right page with an odd page number.

    Zoom bar plus/minus

    At the zoom bar you can click on the Minus ( - ) or Plus ( + ) sign to increase or decrease the zoom factor.

    The position of the slider on the zoom bar is the current zoom factor.

    You can drag the slider to the left or right.

    The sharp hyphens show 100% and previous positions.

    You can also simply click anywhere on the zoom bar to select a smaller or larger zoom factor.

    Zoom functions and View layout in the menu

    Choose View ▸ Zoom from the menu.

    The setting options are basically the same as in the status bar.

    Zoom functions others

    This is another way to adjust the zoom level:

    Hold down the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel to change the zoom factor.

    In Draw:

    If you are using a mouse with a scroll wheel, then you surely know that in LibreOffice you can use the scroll wheel to pan and zoom.

    Turn the mouse wheel and press one of the keys:

    • ⇧ Shift - moves the sheet to the left or right in the view.
    • Ctrl or AltGr - increases or decreases the size of the sheet in the view.

    Keyboard shortcuts:

    • In the numeric keypad, key / - zooms the selected object to view width.
    • In the numeric keypad, key * - zooms so that the entire sheet is visible.

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